10 Overly Manly Habits That Makes You a Bad Boyfriend


Guys, if you still aren’t sure why your girlfriend just hates you sometimes and get angry over little things, maybe it’s time for a small self-reflection.

1. Using the same soap for your hair, face and body

Yes, I say soap. Girls can be quite particular when it comes to being clean and fresh. There are so many brands out there for shampoos and cleansers but you just have to use the same one from top to bottom. Nothing wrong. Really. It’s just that she will prefer you to take care of yourself more sometimes.

2. Leaving used cups and dishes everywhere

It’s alright if you don’t want to wash them but please at least have the courtesy to leave everything in the basin. It’s just annoying to see one cup on the table, another in the room and a dirty dish on the ground. Don’t even get me started on the rubbish you create.

3. Throwing your socks on the bed

Especially when she just changed her bedsheets. Totally speechless.

4. Burping long and loud without shame

To you, it’s nothing because you have been in the relationship for long enough but it’s just basic manners to cover your mouth or at least look away while burping.

5. Farting in front of her face

This is a huge no-no. No matter what.

6. Ordering her food for her without asking

It seems like such a natural thing to you like you’ve been doing it your whole life. Taking the initiative is nice but do remember to check for her opinion. When she gives you the green light to go ahead and order whatever you like, then do so. However, doing it without even asking is simply disregarding her thoughts.

7. Keeping checks on her life

Well, you aren’t really trying to control her life or anything, are you? It’s definitely fine to want to know what she’s up to but you don’t have to text or call her every other hour when she’s out with her friends. Relax and give some trust. 

8. Refusing to say sorry

Is this like some male pride or something? You choose to apologise by treating her to a meal or giving her a gift but why is the word ‘sorry’ so difficult to hear? All she really wants is that sincere apology when you did something wrong.

9. Undermining her fears and insecurities

Yes, you are the man and you do not share her fears. However, that doesn’t mean that when she tells you she’s afraid of the dark, you can call her a scaredy-cat or a kid. Her fears are as real as yours even if they are different.

10. Not putting in any effort when choosing gifts

Sure, you wouldn’t want to go around for hours just to choose one gift or spend days coming up with ideas on what she would like. It’s not that you don’t care but you just act that way. Despite that, please just try your best not to repeat your gifts every single time because it can get really disappointing.

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