35 YO Stalked Lady So Crazily for a Year That He Got Jailed for 6 Months

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There was a wise saying I once read off a book.

It said something along the lines like, if something isn’t meant to be yours, then it will never be yours, no matter how hard you try.

I was immediately enlightened, for I have been worrying about my constant failure in my Math exams, despite doing Math every single day.

I guess Math and I are just not meant to be.


But moving on to the “real world”… there are so many people who just can’t accept the fact that they can’t force something to be theirs.

So they choose to turn to acts of cheating, stealing, lying…and things that are much worse.

According to The Straits Times, an artist aggressively harassed the woman he wanted to date after she turned him down.

What he did

He created 12 email accounts to get through her spam filter. By attaching an email tracker, he will also receive notifications when she opens one of his emails.
Excuse me, who made this possible?

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Grace Chua told the court that the victim was Chun’s friend for several months in 2015.

Chun wanted to date her but she turned him down. He wouldn’t give up and started to harass her from November 2015.

He would often follow her home, as often as four times each month.

He sometimes sent her 15 to 17 emails each day.

They were filled with threats, insults, and descriptions of sexual acts that he wanted to inflict upon her.

Chun admitted to sending more than 600 messages over a year.

He would also email her colleagues and spread false rumours about her.

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He also flooded the social media account of her employer and mocked her colleagues.

Harassed and alarmed, the victim changed her work schedule and got someone to accompany her while she goes home, in case Chun follows her.

Her work was heavily affected as she had to worry about her safety.

She finally filed a magistrate’s complaint against him on July 13, 2016.

An agreement broken

In October 2016, they reached a consensus and he promised not to have any more contact with her.

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And of course, he went back on his word.

Image: Tenor GIF Keyboard


From November 3 to December 2 in the same year, he sent her at least 64 emails that suggest abuse and also proudly told her that he had no intention of stopping anytime soon.

As mentioned, he had an email tracker that will notify him each time she opens any of his emails. This “excites” him more and he will continue to send even more.

If you’re thinking “Oh why is this woman so dumb! She’s triggering him to continue! Urgh!”

Then you’re wrong.

“The victim was actually opening the e-mails so as to forward the same to the police,” said DPP Chua.


Oh well, that makes sense.

Chun could have been fined up to $5,000, jailed up to 12 months or both.

He admitted to one of two charges of stalking her and was sentenced to six months’ jail on Tuesday (Feb 6).

Good riddance!

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