300 Million Cockroaches in China Are Doing Their Part to Save Our Children. Serious.


Cockroaches aren’t exactly the most lovable creatures in the world.

Image: The New Yorker

In fact, you would be hard-pressed not to bat one to death once you see it. It’s not even by choice either; it’s pretty much conditioned in our blood.

So what if I tell you that… they aren’t that bad?

For example, they could actually be doing their part to save your and my future children.

Not even kidding.

According to Oriental Daily, a cockroach farm in Zhangqiu has been converted into a recycling plant where around 300 million American cockroaches take on 15 tons of kitchen waste every day.

Image: Sinchew

Taking into mind the fact kitchen waste will ultimately end up in landfills, causing all sorts of environmental problems to arise, it’s safe to assume that yes, these cockroaches are saving the planet every single day.

And in doing so, they are saving the future generation too. Your children. My children.

Image: meme.wikia.com

What about the cockroaches? Aren’t they humanity’s greatest threat?

Leaving their looks aside, cockroaches eat just about anything, and leave minimal residue behind. Additionally, they have a lifespan of around one year (wtf, that cockroach in my room could be there for one year?) and when they die, their bodies are made into chicken feed.

Before you start preparing joss sticks for the chickens, know this: cockroaches’ bodies are apparently high in protein and low in fat.

In fact, their bodies contain a whopping 71.2 per cent of protein, a figure that eclipses that of even Peruvian fishmeal. This, should you be unaware, is pretty positive for growing animals in general.


Well… guess who’s adding a little something into his post-workout nutritional meals?

How exactly does the whole… “filtering” process work?

Image: China Press

For your information, that picture above is unnecessary. It’s just to gross you out.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: how do the cockroaches tackle the kitchen waste exactly?

Is it via force-feeding? Or some other inhumane method that we are totally fine happening to cockroaches?

Apparently not.

Every day, kitchen waste from a number of canteens and restaurants in Zhangqiu are “grounded” and subsequently “pumped” into glass containers at the farm through a pipe.

Image: Oriental Daily

Seeing how the cockroaches aren’t really fussy eaters, they will proceed to swallow down the waste till they’re full.

But… but… they are really dirty and shit everywhere…

Common perception of cockroaches goes something like this: they are hell-derived creatures that defecate and dirty every single acre they stride over.

Image: LA Times

However, Li Yanrong, founder of the cockroach recycling plant, has studied the farm’s cockroaches for a long time and proclaimed them to be nothing like that at all. Rather, they seem to be more… intelligent than we give them credit for.

“The cockroaches never defecated or crawled over what they ate,” Li said. “They usually circled the food and ate from the outside to the inside. They also eat in turn, rather than squeezing against each other.”

Image: Sinchew

“They also eat in turn, rather than squeezing against each other.” 

Majestic stuff… who ever knew that cockroaches would have more brains than humans?

On a related note, cockroaches are pretty popular chicken feed options in Jinan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, and are proven to make chickens “grow stronger and faster”.


They do say you learn new stuff everyday.

Well, turns out they weren’t wrong.

Yet incredibly, even after all that positive cockroach propaganda…


I’m still whacking the shit out of a cockroach if I see it.

Unless it flies. Then it’s sayonara.

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