Woman Raped & Molested by 4 Men With 1 Other Man Filming the Process

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What was supposed to be a trip to a chalet took a turn for the worst.

Here’s what happened.

A Manager Molested an Intoxicated Woman

After midnight on 17 September 2018, a group of four men were at Club V5 Tycoon at Ming Arcade. The group included people who worked at the club, and they had planned a trip to D’Resort @ Downtown East in Pasir Ris.

One of the men, Yong Chun Hong, was identified to be working as a manager in the club.

The victim arrived at the nightspot at 3.35 am with her friends.

Two hours later, the victim got into a drunken argument with her friends in the same club. However, after resolving the argument, her friends left her on the premises where the victim had more drinks with this group of men.

At around 6 am, Yong brought the victim to the female toilet, and then to the male toilet on the fourth level of Ming Arcade at Cuscaden Road.

Initially, things seemed to come to an end after that.

He brought her to a fellow manager, Yap Chun Chieh, to take her home by taxi.

However, as Yong and company were on the way to the chalet, they spotted them at the taxi stand. Yong promptly persuaded him to join them, pulling the woman into the car.

In the car, Yong molested her. At the chalet, Yap raped her after being egged on by friends.

Another member of the group, Tay, also joined in and sexually assaulted the woman.

The incident was filmed on a mobile phone by another friend within the group.

The next morning, Yap took the woman to Hotel 81 Premier Star at Geylang, where he touched her as she slept.

Charged in Court

Yong, now 32, is the last person linked to the case to be convicted in court. On Thursday (20 January), he pleaded guilty to one count of molestation. His bail is set at $70,000 and he is expected to be sentenced on 16 February.

In March 2021, Yap Chun Chieh, 41, was sentenced to 12 years and three months’ jail with 10 strokes of the cane for one count of rape and another count of outrage of modesty.


Tay Boon Huat, 29, was sentenced to 10 years and three months’ jail and five strokes of the cane for sexually assaulting the woman.

Gan Soon Chai, 36, who filmed the incident, was jailed for 15 months and fined $20,800.

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On Sexual Assault

The impact of being victim to a crime like this can be highly damaging; one has to grapple with self-doubt, guilt and shame. This phenomenon is known as victim-blaming. In the face of such happenings, it is always important to lodge police reports and look to helpful resources.

You can read more about the implications of sexual assault here.

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