About 500 Couples Getting Married on 22/2/22 in S’pore


Move over, 14 February. 22 February is the newest romantic date in town.

About 500 couples have planned to tie the knot on the once-in-a-lifetime date: 22 February 2022.

At Least 483 Couples Registered to ROM On 22/2/22

As of 24 January, 483 couples have filed to register their marriages at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on that special day. However, the number is likely to hit closer to 500, as couples who want to marry on that date has until 31 January to file their notice.

There are about 58 marriages on an average weekday, which places the 483 couples getting married on 22 February, a Tuesday, to be about nine times the usual amount.

You may be wondering about the number of marriages on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. A mere 73 couples have filed to register their marriages on 14 February, a far cry from the 500 on 22 February.

Seems like Valentine’s Day has been dethroned!

Auspicious and Easy To Remember

Why is 22 February 2022 so special?


Firstly, it is a palindromic date, which means that 22/2/22 read backwards is the same when read forwards. Such an easy to remember date will ensure that your spouse will never forget your anniversaries!

Furthermore, this is a once in a lifetime date. 11/1/11 has already passed eleven years ago, and 33/3/33 doesn’t exist.

22 February is also an auspicious date in the Chinese calendar for weddings and engagements, due to the even numbers in the date. Other wedding dates that are popular for similar reasons are 2 February and 20 February.

Seems like good things really do come in twos!

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Difficult to Find Solemniser For 22 February

A couple interviewed by The Straits Times shared that it was difficult to find a solemniser for 22 February 2022. This was despite them planning their wedding since 2020!

The couple had approached six to eight solemnisers before they found one that agreed.

FYI, if you’re having your solemnisation at the ROM building, a solemniser on duty will be assigned to you. You only need to invite a licensed solemniser if you’re intending to hold the ceremony outside of the ROM building.

22 February falls on a Tuesday, which had people making memes about it being a real twosday. There’s even a countdown to 2222, or 10:22pm, for 22 February.

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