By2 Officially Sues Lee Jinglei for Cyberbullying


Can anyone tell me which season of the Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei show we’re on? This saga is longer than the thousand-episode Taiwanese drama that my grandmother watches.

The By2 Yumi versus Lee Jinglei boss battle arc seems far from over as By2 officially sues Lee Jinglei for cyberbullying.

If you need a refresher on the whole saga, watch these two videos first:

Yes, it’s a mess. And it’s about to get even messier.

Posted Lawyer’s Letter on Weibo

Lee Jinglei had previously hinted that one of Wang’s friends with benefits had sent him nudes and called him “HomHom” in an Instagram post. Kaypoh netizens did some digging and concluded that the woman was Yumi.

Yumi had since refuted claims of adultery and maintained that she had not had any illicit relations with Wang after his marriage.

After allegedly attempting suicide and being discharged from the hospital, a Weibo post by By2 on 29 January announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Lee to protect their rights.

You can read the post and their three-page lawyer’s letter here, but here’s a summary of what they said.

Lee Did Not Submit Legit Evidence of Yumi’s Alleged Adultery to Police

By2 said that Lee had not yet substantiated her claim that Yumi was friends with benefits with Wang after their marriage. This is despite Lee asking for the contact of the officer in charge of the case, presumably to submit evidence.


The band then stated that Lee’s failure to substantiate was perhaps because there’s no evidence. They said that Lee had “maliciously mislead and fabricate [evidence]” online, but cannot do that to the police without facing legal consequences.

Lee Cyberbullied Yumi by Turning Public Opinion Against Her

After Lee had insinuated that Yumi was the third party, Yumi had been attacked with malicious comments by angry netizens, and she had even allegedly tried to commit suicide.

Given this, it is no surprise that By2 said that Lee was cyberbullying Yumi by swaying public opinion against her.

The statement once again emphasized that Yumi only dated Wang from 2012 to 2013. She did not have relations with him after his marriage.

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Will Press On Even With Obstacles

The police had apparently told By2 that Lee can’t be summoned for trial immediately because she’s currently out of China. However, the band has decided to take the first step of initiating legal action.

The duo expects even more obstacles to come but said that they will press on so that justice can be served.

They also hope that their courage as public figures to protect themselves will encourage future victims of cyberbullying to stand up for themselves too.

They ended the post by tagging Lee’s official Weibo account and saying “See you in court.” What a mic drop.

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