6 Food Crazes in S’pore in 2018 That Are Currently Worth the Calories

In 2017, Singaporeans went crazy over Castella cakes, Nasi Lemak burgers and McDonald’s cheesy (or not so cheesy) fries.

Some of them were disappointing and others, so awesome the brand had to stop selling them after only two weeks.

Fast forward one year later, and despite the fact that it’s only March, new food has made its appearance in Singapore.

And driving Singaporeans crazy.

If you haven’t tried them for yourself, I don’t blame you.

After all, to taste the new food, you’ve got to fight the queue and pay the price. And most of these foods can be pretty pricey.

Here’s a list of the 6 best viral food of 2018 in Singapore, so you won’t waste your time and money.

Disclaimer: This list isn’t exhaustive and there might be more food craze out there just as good. And it’s based on our taste buds and how crazy Singaporeans got over them, but a good guide nonetheless, no?

1. Nasi Lemak Curry Puff by Old Chang Kee

Image: 8days.sg

Put nasi lemak into anything and it’ll go hot. McDonald’s proved it with their burger last year and Old Chang Kee is trying it out for themselves this year.

Note: If you love nasi lemak because of the nasi (coconut rice), you’re better off not trying this nasi lemak curry puff.

However, if you’re into nasi lemak because of the sambal chilli, chicken wings and ikan bilis, this is for you.

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The nasi lemak curry puff comes crammed with generous chicken chunks, crispy ikan bilis and fragrant sweet-spicy sambal.

All wrapped up in crispy, panda-infused pastry goodness.

Rating: 3/5 

People who love the rice of nasi lemak only might not like it. Plus, it’s amazing when it’s piping hot, not that great if it’s cold cuz it’ll taste like normal curry puff.

2. Fish & Fries / Sweet Chilli Fish Burger by McDonald’s

When McDonald’s first announced their version of fish & chips, I’d admit we were pretty shook by it.

I mean, it’s McDonald’s.

But we ordered it via delivery anyway, and to be honest with you, it didn’t look optimistic when we open up the packaging for the first time.

The fish looked dry and the burger, a mess.

But like what I always say, it’s not a food review unless you’ve tasted it, so we did.

Image: giphy.com

Yup, it was that good.

The fish might look dry, but it’s moist and soft inside. Yes, even though it has long turned cold.

And the mess of a burger? The savoury dressing with the fresh crunch of vegetables help to offset the oiliness of the fish, and the bun complete the entire package.

Overall, worth a shot if you haven’t tried it before.

Rating: 4/5 

Fish fillet (not to be mistaken with fillet o’ fish) is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Food was good even if eaten cold, imagine how much better it’ll be when it’s piping hot.

3. Chocolate Pie By McDonald’s

Even before this chocolatey goodness reached Singapore, we already knew about it. It went viral in Korea and Singaporeans went green with envy.

People in Singapore were begging for McDonald’s Singapore to bring it in.

And they did with this awesome video.

So how does it taste?

Two words: Too Good.

Again, these pies came together with the fish n fries and sweet chilli fish burger mentioned in the previous point, so they were pretty cold by the time we got around to eating it.

But they were still good.

The pies weren’t as sweet as expected, and the chocolate within still flows even though it’s not piping hot.

You can read our full review here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Think crispy dark chocolate muffin. Eat it piping hot with ice cream for a slice of heaven. But if you prefer something sweet, this might not be for you.

4. Thai Milk Tea Desserts

Third McDonald’s item in a row? They’re really on a roll, huh. But you’ve got to admit: they’re now the social media darling in the F&B world (at least in Singapore). No wonder they’re advertising with SGAG, the other social media darling we’ve all grown to love.

The country of smiles, Thailand, is famous for a couple of things: shopping, street food and Thai milk tea.

McDonald’s has brought the iconic flavour into Singaporean favourite soft serve ice cream.

Upon release despite not being marketed that intensively, the queues were long.

You can have it as a fudge (think hot fudge, just change vanilla ice cream to Thai Milk Tea ice cream), a cone or their iconic chocolate coated Thai Milk Tea.

Rating: 4/5 

That fragrant Thai milk tea flavour just brought their soft serve up to a whole new flavour. But seriously, it’s just a soft serve with the typical sweetness.

5. Jia Yuen Eating House Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Rice

Image: Jia Yuen Eating House Facebook Page

Okay, this is something that existed for a long, long time. If you’ve served at Nee Soon camp during your NSF days, you’d have eaten this at least once in your lifetime.

So recently, one of our colleagues, Zhi Hao, wanted to write about this beautiful dish again. And he convinced our boss by ordering it in for him.

It went so viral that we knew we had to include it in this list.

The fragrance is astonishing. The salted egg’s aroma just hits you right in the face, tempting you, seducing you.

And you can just smell a bit of that familiar creamy smell you might have noticed in butter or milk, and I must say it gels up pretty well.

Coated in generous dollops of salted egg and buttermilk, the fried chicken pieces practically melt in your mouth.

The egg’s well-cooked and complements the dish; the rice, mixed with the sauce, tastes like heaven.

And just so you know, the moment we open the packaging, the smell is so overwhelming that even when our office is in Bukit Batok, you can smell it in Tampines.

Rating: 3.5/5

It’s nice but it gets jelat after the first few mouthfuls. Best to get one to share instead. But it somehow seduces you to get it again even when you feel its “jelat-ness”.

6. Taiwan Flame-Grilled Beef Cubes by Huoyanshaiziniu

Image: hungrygowhere.com

When you talk about viral, nothing gets more viral than this, Taiwan’s flame-grilled beef cubes at Plaza Singapura.

I mean, they got news coverage even before they opened. That’s how high the anticipation was.

Even the cooking process is a sight to behold.

The beef cubes are slightly charred on the outside for a caramelised bite with soft, succulent meat hidden within.

A 130g beef cube costs $6.90, and if you want it with rice, it’ll cost you $8.

They offer three different seasonings to coat your beef cubes with: garlic, seafood and yakitori.

The garlic seasoning remains the favourite choice to bring out the smoky beef flavour.

Rating: 4/5

Pretty pricey but cheaper than going to Taiwan for quality flame-grilled beef cubes.  

So here you go, our 6 best food craze of 2018 so far, so you won’t waste your time and money.

Or for those who are more health-conscious, your calories too.

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