Don’t Say Bojio: S’pore 7-Eleven Now Selling Limited Edition Peach Coke


Back in Jan 2018, we wrote about Coca-Cola’s newest flavour, the peach cola, and how we thought it’s exclusive to Japan.


Everyone went crazy over it, and we were hoping it’ll be brought into Singapore.

Just like the McDonald’s Choco Pie.

And oh boy, if you’re wishing for the same thing, your dream just came true.

Because apparently, this fizzy peach flavoured drink is available in Singapore as well!

Or to be more exact, 7-Elevens in Singapore.

Image: 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook page

On 5 Mar, 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook page announced Peach Coca-Cola imported from Japan available in Singapore.

Selling at $2.50 per bottle, it’s limited edition so you should get it for yourself fast.

And as expected, people went crazy over it immediately.

Should you try it?

$2.50 for a bottle of coca-cola is pretty pricey, so the question is, is it worth it?

Users have been giving their own reviews on the drink.

Not too sweet but peach flavour on point.


Facebook page, Singapore Toys Sale went out of their way to try it after reading an article on it.


Coca Cola Peach
$2.50 at 7 eleven

Okay, I saw a post and came out to buy it. There is a peachy taste that musks some of the Coca Cola taste. Not bad, but I think I stick to my Coke Zero that is occasionally on promotion at 7 Eleven. It is recommended to try Peach Coca Cola at least once though.

Not bad, but should try once lah.

So what are you waiting for? Time to go buy yourself one before it’s sold out.

Oh, and you’re welcome! 😉

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Featured image: Xavier Lur Twitter / 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook Page