There Have Been 71 Complaints About Sexual Misconduct Made in NUS In the Last 5 Years

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) may have garnered a stellar reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious universities, but it appears that the fame has not come without its flaws.

It’s reported that there have been 71 complaints of sexual misconduct (involving students) have been launched to the University…

All within the last five years.

There Have Been 71 Complaints About Sexual Misconduct Made in NUS In the Last 5 Years

In a report on sexual misconduct, which was delivered to students and staff on Wednesday (Jan 6), NUS presented a summary of past and present cases.

The report will purportedly be sent every six months – to strengthen and deepen trust within the NUS community.

According to the recent report, 71 complaints of sexual misconduct have been made to the University in the last five years.

The highest was in 2019 – during which 25 such reports were filed. Lest you’ve forgotten, it’s the year that the infamous Monica Baey saga first emerged.

In 2020, the University dealt with 12 complaints, though they also handled three other cases involving students – which were reported before last year.

Seven of the cases occurred in campus, while rest happened off it or online.

Nine of the 12 complaints were reported to the police.

Meanwhile, 2016, 2017 and 2018 spawned 12, 10 and 12 complaints respectively.

Types Of Complaints

Of the 71 complaints lodged, 24 involved verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature.

18 turned out to be of a voyeuristic nature.

6 were upskirt-related content, while 5 pertained to sexual assault.

Indecent exposure constituted 4 cases, while 3 complaints involved the dissemination of sexual/intimate information (about the victim).

Two complaints fell under the category of ‘Making unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favours’, and seven belonged to other types.


There were also two rape complaints – both of which have since been investigated by both the police and the University, with no further action taken.

Of the 71 cases, 42 were attended to by the NUS Board of Discipline, while 11 were designated to their respective faculties for disciplinary measures.

13 cases were dismissed due to insufficient evidence, and investigations are ongoing in the remaining five complaints.

No-contact orders have also been issued in some of the cases.

Meanwhile, there were 19 complaints of sexual misconduct pertaining to staff between 2016 and 2020.

Most were grouped under “verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature”, and “making unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favours”.


Mandatory Training

NUS has also provided an update on its initiatives to cultivate respect and consent.

Out of 30,000 students, 97 per cent have finished an online module on the issue, with 7,274 of those who reside in campus due to attend a face-to-face workshop as well.

Around 84 per cent of about 13,200 staff members have completed the online module.

Aside from refresher courses, NUS will also impose bystander training.

First-responder training workshops will also be held for staff members.


Thus far, 284 staff are reported to have been identified and trained.


The report comes after an increasingly prominent spate of sexual-related offences to have occurred at the University.

These include the infamous Monica Baey incident, during which the victim Monica Baey had been filmed in the shower by a fellow student.

Since then, other deviant cases have occurred, such as further voyeurism and theft.

In 2020, NUS professors were also involved in several sexual misconduct behaviours. You can read about them here and here.


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