8 Facts About 心。情 Mind Matters, the 9pm Channel 8 Drama That’s Worth a Watch


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If you are a fan of local drama, you might have seen this one before.

It’s quite the topic recently, thanks to its golden-hour time slot.

But if you’re still undecided on whether or not this drama is worth a go, here are some facts about the show that will make you want to go on a drama marathon:

1. Synopsis

Before we watch a show, we have to know what it is all about.

So here’s the synopsis extracted from Toggle:

“Looking back at five years ago, with his best – selling books, fully – booked schedule for talks and media interviews, Zhou JinShu was a rising celebrity psychiatrist and one of the sought – after psychiatrists in the social elites circle. While he was immersing himself in the sweet smell of success, he was ironically unaware that his girlfriend – JieFang had been suffering from a mental illness – “Delusion of Jealousy.” Feeling neglected and insecure, JieFang had been haunted by her uncontrollable suspicion about JinShu cheating on her. This excessive delusion of jealousy eventually pushed her to the verge of insanity and made her attempt to end her life together with JinShu. In the midst of chaotic pushing and pulling, both of them accidentally fell from the high floor. This fatal incident took JieFang’s life and caused JinShu to be in a critical condition. Despite the physical recovery later on, JinShu has suffered from “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.” JinShu was deeply traumatized by witnessing his own girlfriend’s death. The deep feeling of guilt and remorse made him withdraw into himself completely; he shunned himself from the outside world, and no one had ever heard from him since then.”

Wow…that’s very deep.

So now we know where the name of the drama comes from.

2. Cast

And of course, we all love a star-studded cast full of familiar faces.

Well, this time around, Channel 8 did it again!

  • Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 as Zhuo Jinshu
  • Jessica Liu 刘子绚 as Cai Xiuxiu
  • Shane Pow 包勋评 as Hu Ruiming
  • Denise Tan 陈楚寰 as Zhang Siya
  • Florence Tan 陈秀丽 as Zhou Riqing
  • Teresa Tseng 曾咏熙 as Lu Haining
  • Chen Tianwen 陈天文as Lu Liangsheng
  • Ben Yeo 杨志龙 as Chen Weiyi
  • Sora Ma 马艺瑄 as Song Jiefang
Image: socimage.com

Lay all things aside, let’s just talk about the visuals.

3. Florence Tan

Image: The Straits Times

The 41-year-old is returning to Singapore for her first local drama in 12 years.

For those of you who found her name foreign, she was the female Star Search champion in 1997.

Image: AsiaOne

Tan gained her fame through her roles in dramas such as The Return Of The Condor Heroes (1998) and Immortal Love (1997).

After marrying a Taiwanese businessman in 2006, she left the industry and returned to the small screen in 2011 in China.

4. Teresa Tseng

Image: 8 Days

Found the name familiar?

You might remember her through this picture:

Image: 8 Days

Yes! She’s the runner-up for Campus Superstar (2006).

The Taiwanese returned to her home country after getting a Diploma in Chinese Media & Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

She took part in various singing competitions and is now preparing to release her second album.


5. Qi Yuwu

Image: 8 Days

The well-known actor is finally back on the small screen after a two-year break.

As a dad-of-two, who just welcomed his new baby last April, Qi says that it is hard to juggle script-reading and…all the baby stuff.

Image: Stomp

Meanwhile, let’s see if his diaper-changing skills helped with his toilet-repairing skills in the drama!

6. Theme songs

Everybody knows that a nice OST makes a drama even better.

Here are the three sub-theme songs that you should probably check out cos of the singers:

  • 身体都知道 by Hebe Tien
  • 好不容易 by Teresa Tseng


曾詠熙 Teresa- 好不容易好不容易愛上你 好不容易再相信 因為你在我眼底 有數不盡的美麗 ❤❤❤#熱血情敵插曲

Posted by 曾詠熙 Teresa 全球歌迷會 on Monday, 15 May 2017

  • 马桶 by Qi Yuwu

FYI, Qi’s nickname in the show is “Ma Tong Ge” (loose translation: toilet bowl brother).

Have you seen such a handsome toilet bowl before?

7. Where to watch

You can now watch all 20 episodes on Toggle.

8. The two leads

Liu and Qi last collaborated 14 years ago in 2004’s swimming-themed drama The Champion.


Liu admits that she was a bit worried because they haven’t been keeping in touch during the 14 years gap, but she was confident in Qi’s acting skills.

Image: Giphy

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