Finally: M1 Released Unlimited Data Plan After Starhub Announced Their Weekend Unlimited Plan

Imagine this: the train has broken down again, and after Tweeting some nasty comments, you’ve cooled down and know that you’ll have to spend the next few hours doing absolutely nothing.

Well, no problem: simply open up your Netflix and stream whatever drama you’ve been binge-watching the night before.

If you’re worried about the data you’ll use, fret no more because from today onward, the war for unlimited data has begun.

Sort of.


Earlier today, Starhub revealed their unique weekend unlimited data plan: for just $48 a month, you get unlimited data during the weekends.

That’s enough to make data-hungry millennials to scream, “It’s finally here!”

But hey, hold your horses. Because M1 has responded, and theirs might even be more attractive.

A few hours after Starhub released their plans, M1 announced new plans that will make Circle.Life shiver: for $50 a month, you get 30GB worth of data.

And for $98 a month, you get unlimited data.

Yeah, unlimited.


If you sign up in before 2 September 2017, you’ll even get unlimited talk-time.


According to M1, it was because of people’s “growing data needs, for social networking and video and music streaming services on the move.”

You’re damn right, Mr M1.

The plan will be available from tomorrow (31 August 2017).

If you’ve remembered, two years ago, MyRepublic promised unlimited data should they win the bid to be Singapore’s fourth telecom. Eventually, they lost the bid to TPG Telecom, and the fourth telecom has not announced any plan yet.

During MyRepublic’s bid to be the fourth telecom, it is rumoured that an unlimited data plan could cost about $80. Not exactly affordable, but it’s still close to M1’s price.

Now that Starhub and M1 started the price war, a number of us (yours truly for obvious reason) would be thinking: What about Singtel?

According to Channel NewsAsia, a spokesperson gave a generic answer, saying that they “regularly enhance their product offerings.”

Well, Singtel, I’ve had one question for you: “What you thinking?!”

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