8 weird reasons why a girl who likes to scold her boyfriend is the best girlfriend ever

Girlfriend: Eh I got give you scoldings meh?

Boyfriend: Of course not…

Yes, we all know of girls who like give their boyfriends scoldings. Be it lecturing them for hours or scolding their boyfriends after they lose the argument, we call them chia zabor, and for guys who’s in a relationship with them: whipped. Well, they can be funny and cute to watch at times, but more often than not, we wonder why the guy is still going out with such a girl. Is he a machoist?

For those who’s wondering, here’s 8 weird reasons why a girl who likes to scold her boyfriend is the best girlfriend ever. Guys, if your girlfriend constantly scold you, can you relate to the reasons listed below?

She’s into you

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She’s committed to you, and she really, really likes you. She believes that by scolding you, she’ll make you a better man, and someone she can be with forever.

She cares about you

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Your mom always said that she scolds you because she really cares about you and want the best for you. Don’t feel so annoyed and irritated by the scoldings because it simply means your girl cares enough about you to scold you.

She’s not pretentious

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Get over the honeymoon phase of sweet and gentle conversations because she’s being real with you; if she doesn’t scold you even once, she has not shown you her real self yet. So be happy that she’s scolding you like a dog everyday, because it means she’s thinking long-term. Who can pretend to be sweet and gentle his or her entire life anyway?

There’s no dull moments

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A relationship can get quite dull after the honeymoon phase, so with her around she’ll make you feel as though life is full of surprises (scoldings). We’re not sure if you’ll appreciate the surprises though.

You’ll make improvements

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You’ll work on improving just to get her to stop scolding you. Before you know it, you’re prime dating material. Not that it will stop the scoldings.

She’s over-protective of you

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It’s a good feeling to see someone getting worked up for your sake, isn’t it?

She has expectations of you

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When she scolds you, it means she’s disappointed in you in some way. And the only way to be disappointed is if she has expectations of you. Now tell me it doesn’t feel good to have someone expecting great things from you.

She wants you to do well

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At the end of the day, it’s for the same cliche statement: It’s all for your own good. Oh, well.

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