90s Kids, The Lion King is Having a Remake & The Cast is Powderful Seh

Every 90s kid would have watched The Lion King at least once—for me I have watched it a gazillion times.

If you didn’t cry when Mufasa died…

Image: wifflegif.com

You have no soul.

I can even sing the song “Circle of Life”, badly of course, and I would use my baby cousin to recreate this iconic scene:

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When it was released in 1994, the movie was highly successful.

It was the highest-grossing motion picture of 1994 worldwide, receiving two Golden Globes and two Academy Awards.

The show has produced two sequels—The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride and The Lion King 1 ½—and a TV series called The Lion Guard which is going strong.

As you can tell, The Lion King franchise is still popular even after two decades.

Disney has been breathing new life to old classics by turning animated movies into live-action films such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

Now, The Lion King will be getting a revival too!

Image: youtube.com

No this isn’t the official poster, but damn if this was done by a fan, imagine how good the original would be!

As if that isn’t exciting enough, guess who will be playing Simba’s love interest, Nala?

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Image: angelthegreatblog.wordpress.com

The queen of R&B  posted this on her Facebook earlier:

Image: Beyonce Facebook

It is official guys!

Expect The Lion King to be released in 2019!

Image: yoyosub.com

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino will be playing Simba.

Image: gif-database.tumblr.com

And don’t be startled if you notice Mufasa’s voice is oddly similar to the original film because James Earl Jones will be reprising his role.

Image: wifflegif.com

I hope they keep all the songs too!

Imagine Scar strutting his stuff…

Image: wifflegif.com

And this iconic move in real life.

Image: wifflegif.com

I can’t control my excitement!

If you can’t wait for the movie (just like me), then you can check out The Lion King musical which will be returning to Singapore next June!

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Featured image: Beyonce Facebook