ABTM 4 Releases New Official Trailer & Captures the Essence of ICT Perfectly

When the teaser trailer for Ah Boys to Men 4 was out, some NSmen in the office could not believe what they see. A platoon sergeant scolding someone? A platoon commander asking people to address her as “Mdm”?

See for yourself.

But we all believe in Jack Neo, because he has never failed to ensure realism in all his movies. We started to wonder: Do other units work differently? Do some units still go apeshit over rank? Do people call a sergeant a sergeant?

‘Coz I thought reservist is like CNY gathering: PS told us about his new smartphone, PC told us about his new job, OC told us about his new baby and CO told us to drink more water.

Well, after a few Facebook posts, we get to know that the platoon sergeant is just getting back at a man who apparently is his superior in the civilian world (the coincidence is unreal but possible), and the platoon commander just…is salty.

This morning, as we all fight our Monday blues…the official trailer for Ah Boys to Men 4 was released.

And boy, that, to everyone who hasn’t been to any ICT, is what ICT is all about.

Like this.

Can’t read? Here’s what that guy said: “This is reservist. Nobody sedia (stand at attention) one lah.”

Soldier, this one I approve. If someone shouts that, everyone is going to laugh like hell.

Next, this.

Someone decided to shout “my grandmother can move faster than you ah!”

In BMT, if anyone with hair shouted that, all recruits would double up and run so fast, you think they’ve all become Usain Bolt.

In reservist?

One joker would reply (trust me, the rest of us would be laughing or still taking our own sweet time): “Then you ask your grandmother to come and serve ICT la!”

Bro, you swee man.

And this one even more prefect.


No helmet. Bro, you best. Helmet also can lose. But I bet you can think better now, because got helmet cannot think.

And finally…this image. This is like the personification of ICT.

This is our faces after we’ve done our warm-up. The warm-up is so xiong, we sometimes wonder how did we survive our active days.

In less than eight hours, it has garnered over 160K views and well over 5.7K shares.


Here’s why this would definitely be the movie of the year: while most people would have gone though BMT, that period, to us, might have been way too long ago.

Reservist? Well, I even have a few SAF100s in the office now. Expecting more soon.

And for those people who always wonder why we NSmen always look at ICTs as chalets and CNY gatherings, we’re proud to say that this movie should tell our stories.

Remember, Uncles to Ah Peks would be released on 9 November 2017 in Singapore, and 23 November 2017 in Malaysia.


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*All images from Facebook (Ah Boys to Men)

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