Another Ride-Hailing App Allegedly Coming to S’pore: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (3 Apr)

Asian food is one exotic cuisine ang mohs love to hear about. Unfortunately, sometimes, they get it all wrong.

Like ice-cream sandwich with BuzzFeed

Now, another one has joined the list. Just read on.

Here are 6 topics that Singaporeans are talking about today you need to know.

Indonesian Ride-Hailing Go-Jek Coming To S’pore

If you, like me, have been wallowing in self-pity for the past couple of days, know that there’s yet another hero on the scene.

This time with better credentials.


In Indonesia, Go-Jek has started hiring ex-Uber drivers, who said that the pay on the Go-Jek platform is much higher.

This ride-hailing service which is leading the ride-hailing industry in Indonesia will be entering the Singapore market, according to a shareholder.

The company will be offering their Go-Car services here.


But now, we just have to stay with Grab.

Masterchef UK Says Rendang Must Be Crispy, Triggered Netizens


A contestant, Zaleha Kadir Opin, decided to make nasi lemak for the judges in MasterChef UK.

She had chicken rendang, prawn sambal, omelette, anchovies, peanuts and cucumber served together with the nasi.

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And the result?

“The rendang chicken skin wasn’t crispy enough.”


Netizens were, of course, triggered.

Oh, by the way, if anyone is going to cook chicken rice in the contest, do make sure the chicken skin is crispy. Heck, make the rice crispy as well because why not?

**All images from Zaleha Kadir Olpin Instagram unless otherwise stated

Masterchef S’pore To Be Produced in English as Well

In case you’ve forgotten, Masterchef Singapore made headlines back in February, for all the wrong reasons.


The contest’s application form asked about applicants’ Mandarin fluency, and why the Singapore version of Masterchef is in Chinese.

If you’re one of those hatin’ on Masterchef on Channel 8, you have to hear this.

The casting call for Masterchef Singapore has been extended. In addition, the show will be produced in English and will air on Channel 5 and Toggle in the later part of this year.

Their explanation for this change is that previously, they didn’t have rights to the English version of the show, but managed to negotiate for it.

Interested in applying for it now? You can apply here.

Wife Who Travels From Sengkang To Kranji For Meals With Husband is #RelationshipGoals

What makes a person happy? Some say it’s money, some say it’s making history, and some say it’s love.

And if it’s love, it probably looks something like this.

Image: Fariz Suhaimi Facebook Page

Uploaded by Facebook user Fariz Suhaimi last year, this picture shows a woman who travels every single day from Sengkang to Kranji to have meals with her husband.

Her hubby worked up to 12 hours a day to bring enough back home for the family. After having her meal with him, she would go home, assured that he wasn’t going hungry.

Fariz wanted people to know that being in a relationship isn’t about finding the perfect guy or girl.

It’s about getting someone who is willing to give and take, and willing to appreciate their partner.

Now, I’m not sure about you but I do hope that when I get old and tattered, I’ll have someone like that at my side.


April Is Going To Be A Hot Month, According To MSS

The Meteorological Service of Singapore (MSS) has been quite accurate in their predictions.

So accurate we wished they’ll switch to predicting 4D numbers instead of the weather.


But oh well, you can’t have everything in life.

Their forecast shows that Singapore will be having warm days in the first two weeks of April.

Temperatures can hit as high as 35 degrees Celsius, and daily minimum temperatures will stay around the 23-25 degrees Celsius range.

Thundery showers are predicted to fall in the afternoon or evening on some days.

In other words, continue bringing an umbrella around but you won’t be using it as much anymore.

Time to hit the beaches, people.

Yoga Instructor Jailed 9 Months For Molesting Student in S’pore

Creeps exist everywhere, even in Singapore.

Luckily, they tend not to be able to get away if the victim is willing to step forward with their testimony.


Rakesh Kumar Prasad molested a female yoga student back in 2015, when she was then 25.

The woman was in a forward bending position when he touched her left breast. She knocked his hand away and told him not to “touch her boobs”, but he pinch her and molested her again.

Then, he tried to slip his hand into her bra which she knocked away.

The victim did not leave the lesson immediately as she was in shock.

After the lesson ended, he grabbed her by the back of the neck and told her not to shout or use the word “boob” in his class.

She reported him to the police the next day.

Rakesh was sentenced to 9 months’ jail and slapped with a fine of $1,000. He will be appealing against the sentence and was offered a bail of $16,000.

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