‘Baby Shark’ is a Children’s Song And It’s Taking Over The World


This song has 645 million views. I’m talking millions.

The first time I heard this was when someone was asked to dance along as a punishment.

And I thought that was a pretty harsh one, to the do-er and the watchers.


Honestly, I could name a few people who would throw their shoes at me if I played this song out loud…

If you’re wondering, yes. This is a children song and yes it is trending.

Here’s the facts:

This (in)famous song was produced by PinkFong, a Korean education company. Thanks to numerous Kpop groups covering this song, Baby Shark’s popularity is getting out of hand.

I mean, we can already see the effects of kpop on PSY‘s Gangnam Style (FYI it crashed YouTube)

Don’t believe me? Watch these:

Yes, that’s charming GOT7 for you.

Look at Twice showing off their moves!

With its simple lyrics and dance moves, I can see why its going viral.

But then again, the repetitions can be really annoying sometimes(stares intensely).

So what’s your take on this? Would you dance along or would you scream at the song?

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