1 of the People Who Stopped the Beach Road Attack is the Boss of a BBQ Stall


On Thursday afternoon (14 Apr), a man suddenly assaulted a woman with a chopper, slashing at her relentlessly.

From the videos from various perspectives that floated around the social media platforms, it was a sickening sight:

It was a deranged man hacking at the screaming woman repeatedly as she cowered under a black car, weapon, hands, clothes, and limbs bloody from the crimson spray.

Image: facebook.com (Farouk Hakim)

The incident happened outside a row of shops and restaurants on Beach Road around 5:30pm.

Owing to the graphic and gory contents of the video, they will be linked here.

Viewers’ discretion is advised. Violence, no matter what form, should never be condoned.

Restaurant Workers: Her Life Was Slipping Away in Front of Us

When confronted with a madman, so utterly driven by his own murderous impulses that he can slash at a woman in broad daylight, every human being will have three automatic responses:

Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

For the restaurant workers, they immediately sprung into action to stop the man from killing his wife when they heard the commotion outside.

They first heard a woman shrieking for help near Zhong Hua Steamboat.

When they stepped away from their eateries, they were horrified to see her bleeding as a man continuously brandished his bloodied chopper without any mercy.


The restaurant workers grabbed whatever was within reach, throwing plastic chairs, metal signposts, and rubbish bins.

Some even confronted him with steel step ladders, cautious in keeping their distance from the swinging range, but ready to wield their chosen implements to protect themselves and the woman if necessary.

Image: facebook.com

One of the defenders, 30-year-old Jackie Tee, said that he threw bins at the attacker.

He said that the first thing he could think of doing when he saw the man attacking the woman was help her, even though he was also terrified.

Deep inside, he knew that if he didn’t do anything, the woman was going to die.

“I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing when her life was slipping away in front of us,” Mr Tee told The Straits Times reporters.

Image: facebook.com (Farouk Hakim)

By gaining the assailant’s attention, Mr Tee was nearly attacked too, but fortunately the workers from Zhong Hua Steamboat shielded him with chairs and metal plates, which allowed him to get the hell out of the dodge.

Mr Tee’s employer, Mr Leonard Shi, who is also the owner of Samurai BBQ, helped to chase away the attacker with metal signposts.

Image: facebook.com (Farouk Hakim)

Mr Shi recalled that there were approximately 40 people hovering around, but only 10 people dared to confront the assailant directly. He thought that it was understandable because the attacker was armed with a chopper.

To the men that saved the woman, your actions are honestly commendable.


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Mr Wei: Something I Will Never Forget

Another witness and defendant at the scene, Mr Wei Cheng Xiang from Zhong Hua Steamboat, confessed that the scene was horrifying, and he can’t stop himself from remembering what happened the previous afternoon when he went to work on Friday.

Apparently, he was the one throwing the plastic chairs at the assailant.

The restaurant workers proceeded to chase the attacker down to an empty alley behind the row of restaurants, where he was eventually subdued by the police via taser shots inside Chong Qing (Origin) Restaurant.

The eatery is next to Zhong Hua Steamboat, which sits on the corner of Beach Road and Liang Seah Street.

The netizens online applauded the men for being very brave, and thanked them for saving the woman.

Police Response

Likewise, Assistant Commissioner of Police Jeremy Ang, Commander of the Central Division, also praised the men for their timely intervention.


Reportedly, the two police officers who were involved in cornering the armed assailant, were also commended for keeping their composure as they took active steps to subdue the threat.

In the video, the two officers can be seen warning him before discharging their Taser shots.

As the man collapses to the ground, they move in swiftly to restrain him.

More than 10 police officers had rushed to the scene in response to the attack that spanned over 10 minutes.


Allegedly, the 46-year-old assailant is said to be the husband of the 41-year-old victim, who happens to work in a restaurant along the same stretch of restaurants.

She suffered multiple slashes and cuts in the assaults. The police also suspect that the man slashed his own wrists in the midst of the violence.

Both the victim and attacker were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for medical treatment.

It is understood that the alleged assailant is being guarded at all times.

Earlier, the police revealed that they were investigating the attempted homicide.

The man will be charged on Saturday.

Those who are found guilty of the crime may face life imprisonment, a maximum jail term of 20 years with a fine, or both. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Farouk Hakim)