Benjamin Kheng Proposed to His Bae at IG-Worthy New Zealand Hill; Spoils Market for All Guys Out There

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is over. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate love like it’s February the 14th.

Erm, why exactly are we celebrating love?

That’s a great question, reader.

We are celebrating love because Benjamin Kheng has just made an official proposal to his bae on Instagram.

His bae?! He has a bae?!

Yes reader, if you were living under a rock, go read this article before coming back to me.

Done reading? Awesome, now let me connect the dots for you.

Benjamin Keng Proposed to His Bae on IG-Worthy New Zealand Hill

It has been around half a year since Benjamin Kheng, and Naomi Yeo, have gone public about their relationship last September.

Kheng is one-fourth of Singaporean band The Sam Willows, and will be turning 30 this year. On the other hand, Yeo, 25, is a local actress, host, voiceover artiste and a radio presenter at 987FM.

They have since worked together on multiple projects, such as meWATCH’s The Intruder.

These two are a pair of sweet lovebirds. And just like every other couple, lovebirds gotta settle down eventually to build a nest, yeah?

Joining the “I’m engaged!!” community, both of them posted their official IG proposal photo yesterday (13 March).

If you have never tasted happiness in your life, I hope this gives you hope because it’s beautiful.

What’s more to ask when your bae proposes to you on a New Zealand hill, with a background as angelic as that?!

That is something worth remembering for a lifetime. However, if you’re like Yeo, she blanked out after Kheng got down on one knee.


I mean, who wouldn’t?

Luckily for her, Kheng noted down the little details in his caption and it was adorable.

“YES.”will— i think i need to ask the question first.”* squats down *
“you’re not gonna stand? ah okay.”

(long nervous love ramble that totally wasn’t what i prepared, then) “…Will you marry me?”

According to Kheng, Yeo answered yes even before he could kneel down to pop that question.

What’s even adorable was that Yeo even asked a question that got us thinking if that was what went through her mind in shock.


“Wait. this one can wear in shower?”

Followed by an “OMG, how do I tell my parents about this?”

Turns out that Kheng had already asked her parents for her hand in marriage five months ago. What a gentleman.

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Not to mention, their photographer, Phoenix Casuarina, had posted a snap of the proposal on IG on 4 March. So it appears that their engagement had happened more than a week ago, and the announcement was made on a Friday the 13th.

View this post on Instagram

Tight cosy hugs in these golden mountains ✨

A post shared by Phoenix Casuarina (@phoenixcasuarina) on


Not surprisingly, none of us realised it until they publicised their proposal on their own accounts. What can I say? They are adorable and I wish them all the best in their future together.


P.S. Just in case you want to re-enact this scene next time with your bae, they were at Lindis pass in New Zealand.

You’re welcome.

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