TVB Actor Benz Hui Reveals He Might Open Bubble Tea Business in S’pore

If you’ve watched Hong Kong dramas when you were younger (because that’s what most of us did right? Reading the subtitles of Hong Kong dramas because we didn’t really understand Cantonese back then.), you might have seen this man before.

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Yep, I’m talking about the 71-year-old Hong Kong TVB actor, Benz Hui.

Hopes To Apply For Singapore Citizenship

While some of you may not have known, the actor has been moving between his Singapore home and his properties back in Hong Kong for quite a while now. He’s even a permanent resident here, and he hopes to apply for a Singapore citizenship once he has the time to do.

But I suppose that wouldn’t be any surprise considering the fact that he met his wife, Lung Yin-yi, in Singapore and the fact that their daughter was born here. So I guess in a way, he probably felt a special connection with our homeland.

In a recent episode of meWatch’s Be My Guest, the actor gave viewers a tour of his three-and-a-half storey bungalow in Yishun which cost him $4 million to get including renovations. The 4,000 sq ft was obviously huge, with two bedrooms on every floor, and they even have a swimming pool.

#我董你 许绍雄新加坡的家

#我董你 香港演员许绍雄在新加坡义顺买了房子不是新闻,但见过房子里头是怎样的没几个人。 董素华 Tung Soo Hua 带你去参观。#bemyguest完整:

Posted by 狮城时事 Channel 8 Stories on Thursday, 13 February 2020

During the episode, the actor and his family also sat down with the host for an interview.

Despite his work being mostly based in Hong Kong and China, he mentioned that he can’t help but be drawn to Singapore, and he makes it a point to come back every time he doesn’t need to film.

Over time, he has made his home a very cosy one where photos of him and his family are all around the house.

He said, “Whenever I come back, I don’t want to leave. It’s comfortable.”

Starting A Bubble Tea Business

When asked what were their future plans, his wife hoped that they would be able to arrange for more time to be spent here once Benz settles all his work. Benz also talked about how he’s been thinking of starting up his own business here, more specifically, “something to do with bubble tea, maybe“.

His wife chipped in and said that this has been on their minds for a while now, and talked about how while they were getting older, they aren’t that old to the point that they are unable to work. Thus, they think that it would be a good idea to start a small business.

Their daughter clearly also liked Singapore. Despite studying in Hong Kong, she would return once a month with her mother. Seeing as to how she has graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University, she now has plans to either pursue her Master’s degree in Singapore or the UK.

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Throughout the video, the family is all smiles and we can definitely feel how much they love Singapore.

So what do you think? Will you be excited if Benz really opens a bubble tea store in Singapore?

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