Another Woman Blocked Car With Body While Driver Moved Forward in Geylang

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There’s now a new trend in town: blocking a car from moving with your body.

Early this year, a Bentley started the trend, and a Toyota Alphard continued the trend.

Now, a Mercedes C180 has jumped on the bandwagon, seasoned with some racist comments.

Another Woman Blocked Car With Body While Driver Moved Forward

A video of two people quarrelling, which leads to a superhuman-vs-moving-car incident, has surfaced on TikTok, which then made its rounds on other social media platforms.

The video taker, who filmed the argument from atop, said that they didn’t know what caused the initial argument, but it was so loud that they were awoken by them. They’ve since removed the video from TikTok, but the video has been reposted on other Facebook Pages.

It allegedly happened on National Day at Geylang.

In the video, it’s unclear what really happened, but it shows a maskless man trying to get into a stationary black Mercedes that’s parked at a no-parking area.

However, it should be noted that the car wasn’t obstructing traffic, but it might be blocking the road for pedestrians.

Nevertheless, the dispute could be totally unrelated to the car, though.

As the man tried to get into his car, a woman stopped him.

The two were in a heated argument, so much so that the man even used his chest to push the lady, as if taunting for a fight.

The man then screamed loudly, “This is Singapore! Not China!” in both English and Chinese.

The woman then appeared to call for help, and when the man got into his car and wanted to drive off, the woman went to the front of the car, perhaps forgetting that she’s not made of metal.

And unsurprisingly, the car moved forward, and thankfully, the woman, while shocked, managed to step out of the way after staying on for a while.

She seemed to be unharmed.

As the car moved off, she slapped the car side mirror.


With nearly not much context, what can you infer from the video? If you’re on the woman’s side, why aren’t you on the Tuas 2nd Link woman’s side, too?

There might be an explanation for that. You can watch this video to understand why sometimes, we come to a conclusion fast—especially when we saw it online:

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