BlueSG Finally Adding Bigger 4-Door Cars to Its Fleet But Prices Will be Higher

Think that BlueSG’s current fleet of two-door cars is too small?

They’re finally upgrading to bigger four-door cars, which will be rolled out at the end of October 2022.

Bigger, More Modern, and Better Equipped

Their iconic French BlueCars, AKA the two-door small cutsy cars, will soon be joined by a fleet of up to 500 German Opel Corsa-e hatchbacks.

These cars, priced at around S$42,000 per car in Germany, are bigger than the French BlueCars. This could become more popular with users who need more space.

Additionally, these Opel cars are more modern, and are better equipped.

With better cars come higher prices, but BlueSG has stated that there will be an “introductory period” for these cars, where there will be no changes to the rental price.

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1,000 BlueSG Cars On The Road?

BlueSG currently has 800 cars on the road. With the addition of about 200 new Opel cars at the beginning of their new car launch, you can expect to see about 1,000 BlueSG cars on the road by the end of 2022.

This comes after homegrown engineering group Goldbell acquired the local BlueSG brand from French transportation group Bollore Group in 2021. Goldbell said then that they will invest $70 million in BlueSG from 2021 to 2026, to try and make a profit out of BlueSG.

Currently, BlueSG is still operating on a loss, even though it is the only exclusively electric car-sharing company in Singapore.

The first 24 Opels will be available for rental by end-October.

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Featured Image: Facebook (BlueSG)