Luxury Goods Shop at Thomson Road Accused of Failing to Deliver Goods Responds to Allegations

When it comes to monthsary, anniversary or birthday gifts, local luxury goods resellers have got your back—just not in the way you would expect them to.

Instead of shelves stocked full of luxury bags and designer purses, what now lies in replacement is a dazzling airtight excuse not to purchase that Hermes Kelly bag for your significant other.

After all, what your girlfriend wants to see is her brand new Chanel bag, not your name in a news article about paid-for yet undelivered luxury bags.

The “Scammer” was Scammed

Earlier this week, several police reports were made against local luxury bag reseller, WestCloset, for failing to deliver to customers the luxury bags which they have already paid for.

Without a response from WestCloset at that time, many believed that WestCloset was yet another luxury good scam, an extension of the fiasco that was the recent TradeNation and Tradeluxury scam.

You can watch this video to know more about the infamous luxury couple scam:

This week however, the purported scammer has finally responded for the first time to clarify the reasons for its failure to deliver.

Quite fittingly, the “scammer” was supposedly scammed.

A spokesperson for WestCloset said that the company had lost $100,000 to an investment scam, explaining why WestCloset was unable to refund its clearly aggrieved customers.

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Aside from the investment scam, the company apparently also lost money to a new dealer overseas. WestCloset’s new dealer overseas had purportedly forfeited the company’s deposit because of late payment.

However, WestCloset did not disclose any other details in relation to the scam and the dealer.

For all we know, the investment scam they fell prey to could be the Telegram investment scam. Perhaps the $100,000 now lies in the bank account of Sally from Stock Market Compass 96.

As if WestCloset’s situation wasn’t already grim enough, the company also said that some luxury goods have went missing from its store. The company has already lodged a police report regarding this.

The company’s director, Ms Ringga Dwi Rizky Irianto, also started to frequent the hospital due to her medical condition and the “stress of the business”.

Payback time

In spite of their less than ideal situation, WestCloset nevertheless seems earnest in providing recourse to all their aggrieved customers.

The spokesperson for WestCloset claimed that not only has the company already repaid almost half of its customers, it has already contacted every affected customer in an effort to settle amicably.

With regard to customers that disagreed with WestCloset’s proposed repayment plans, the company continues to seek for alternative repayment methods.

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