BMTC Just Provided an IG-Worthy Meal to Recruits: Charcoal Bun Burger

If you asked your father or uncles what national service was like in their day, they’d probably say something like this:

Uncle: Aiyah, boys these days are very lucky. In my day, there was sand in the vegetables, eggshells in the scrambled eggs, and sometimes even bird poop in the rice.

Youth: Was there really bird poop in the rice? 

Uncle: Okay there wasn’t, but NS was hard!

Things are very different these days. Despite the many complaints from boys who must have been eating food prepared by Gordon Ramsay their whole lives, the food served to recruits is not that bad.

In fact, some recruits now are having meals you’d typically see on influencers’ Instagram accounts.

BMTC Just Provided an IG-Worthy Meal to Recruits: Charcoal Bun Burger


Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

You’d expect to find this at one of those hipster cafes where the menu has no dollar signs and the waiters are bearded and barefoot, right?

Well, sure, but this particular meal came from a place you’d least expect: BMTC. 

According to a post on the Basic Military Training Centre’s (BMTC) Facebook page, recruits undergoing basic military training (BMT) were treated to this meal as they approached their first book out.

The meal, which was referred to as a “Strong Burger Meal”, comprises a fried chicken chop sandwiched between two charcoal buns with sesame seeds, creamy mashed potato with gravy, as well as broccoli and carrot.

For dessert, recruits were given an apple along with the “Dessert of the Day”.

These recruits are just nearing the end of their adjustment week and have not completed their BMT yet, but as BMTC pointed out, who says it’s too early to celebrate?

“A usual treat for the recruits before embarking on their BMT graduation Victory March but why wait to celebrate only at the end when every milestone in the BMT journey should be celebrated?” it said.

Netizen’s Reaction: “We Have to Kiwi Bread Now?”

You can always count on netizens to throw some humour into the mix, even when it’s just a picture of a burger bun they have to work with.

“The bun (is) thinner than my encik’s patience,” one commenter quipped.

“So now encik also ask recruits to kiwi their bread?,” said another.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

Not everyone was critical of the meal, as one netizen thought the burger and sides looked like a “healthy and gourmet” meal (though the comment may have been sarcastic).

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

I guess you can’t please everyone. Let’s hope, that at the very least, the recruits enjoyed their meal.

Uncle: It’s certainly better than rice tainted with bird poop.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)