‘Book Exchange Corner’ is for Book Lovers to Swap Books, But Even That is Being Abused


Is it just me, or do all Singaporeans have a tendency to abuse things? Be it car sharing or bike sharing, we always hear about something being wrecked every now and then.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain that this image would be relevant to this article, so just let me leave this here for now:

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And boy, was I right.

According to this article by Zaobao, the “book exchange corner” at Marine Parade Public Library has been frequented by two old men. They have been fighting over the books- and no, they are not bringing the books home to read.

Instead, they have been selling the books for money.

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A reporter from Zaobao went down to the book exchange corner in hopes of witnessing the process. On 3 Jan, at around 5:45 pm, the reporter saw an old man(70 years old) with a reusable bag.

The man then proceeded to clear out the shelves, dumping all 30+ books into the bag. The old man then returned to the book exchange corner soon after and was observed to be reading a set of newspapers while eyeing the shelves.

As soon as someone makes a contribution, the old man will take the books for himself.

Image: quickmeme.com

(Hey, this fella is a rusher and camper all in one package)

The following day, as soon as the library opens its doors at 10 am, two old men, including the 70-year-old from the day before, made a mad dash towards the book exchange corner. The other man, a 65-year-old, then started complaining about how “there are no more donations” and how there are “no more books” for them to take.

The two old men then left the library, disappointed.

Eh, uncles. Just stop it lah. The books are for people to read you know? Can someone please do something about them? Is this actually illegal or something?

Still, it’s quite sad if they actually had to resort to selling library books for a living.

Let’s just hope we wouldn’t see this happening at the other book exchange corners around Singapore.

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