New Details Show That Boon Lay Cat Killer Had Done Something Else After Throwing Panther Down


Last Updated on 2022-12-26 , 3:39 pm

If there’s one recent case surrounding cats that’s left the entirety of Singapore enraged, it’s probably the Boon Lay cat murderer case.

Yes, the one where a ten-year-old literally dumped a cat down the 22nd storey of Block 186 Boon Lay Avenue as if the cat was some toy. (Not saying that throwing toys down a building is justified, but you get what I mean.)

From memorials to specially-designed profile photos and petitions, it’s clear that Singaporeans have been incredibly invested in this case involving Panther, the cat who died in the incident which occurred on 14 December.

In particular, many animal lovers have been calling for the authorities to take action against the boy for his cruelty.

But recently, one Facebook user dug deep and came up with some observations accompanied by a few videos explaining a discovery that revealed that the young boy had done something other than simply throwing the cat down the Housing Development Board (HDB) block.

Here’s what was discovered and what you should know.

Facebook User Found More Information About Panther Case

Just yesterday (22 December), a Facebook user named WatsIn Sal uploaded the following post on Facebook.

In the post, the user included three videos of her gesturing at how the incident happened and what happened.

In particular, she claimed that the boy moved Panther’s body after he killed it.


Panther’s Body Was Moved

In the first video, the user pointed out where Panther landed when it fell from the 22nd storey of the block.

In particular, it hit the metal shelter and caused a loud bang, which meant that Panther’s body did indeed land in that area.

However, that’s not where the feeder who found Panther’s body found it, meaning that someone had moved Panther’s body after the boy threw it down the building.


WatsIn then pointed out that the feeder, Umi, found Panther “already dead and mangled” a short distance away in the corner next to a sheltered walkway beside the block.

She then said that the boy likely carried Panther’s body from the metal shelter area to where Umi found it and added that people saw it happen.

“Witness told caregivers later that they saw killer boy carry a black cat to the bicycle bay area (now memorial site),” she wrote in the caption of her post.

The second clip attached in her post further proved this, as it was a video of someone realising that Panther was dead at that exact corner that she pointed out after calling out to it and patting it to try and get it to “wake up”.

The second clip was allegedly taken around 15 minutes after the loud bang.


Boy Came Back to “Search for Cat”

After that, WatsIn included in her Facebook post’s caption that Umi decided to take Panther’s body with her to bury it near her home, an HDB unit located on her ground floor.

However, Umi apparently saw the 10-year-old boy return to the bicycle rack area, where she found Panther, around 15 minutes after the burial.

She recounted how the boy “seemed to be looking for something” and even tried to peer between bicycles and other items to search for the item.

“He passed by her unit and she asked him what he was looking for. He said ‘nothing’,” she added.

Afterwards, he attempted to search the area one more time before he walked towards another block.

In the third and final clip in the post, WatsIn also pointed out that there is a closed-circuit television (CCTV) at the nearby sheltered walkway and that the CCTV footage “could show how Panther was moved”.


“Will this be ignored?” she questioned.

Speculated that the Boy Moved Panther; Questioned Why He Came Back

In the same post, WatsIn speculated that the boy might have been the one who moved Panther’s body since he came back afterwards in search of something.

“He knew where to return to and look for dead Panther because he moved her body[,] right??” she questioned.

She then asked what he could have done with Panther’s body and added that other feeders in the area have “found living cats with slashes”.

“Or did he return to ‘admire’ his handiwork?? What does it make him?” she added.


Similar Sentiments from Other Cat Lovers

After WatsIn’s post, another animal lover in Singapore by the username @catlady_ning on Instagram reposted the videos on her Instagram account.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ning Wong (@catlady_ning)

She echoed similar sentiments as WatsIn, saying, “Panther’s murderer KNEW what he was doing.”

“Is this normal behaviour for a child? Is this normal behaviour, period? Did he understand what he was doing? Eh, you tell me,” she added.

She then emphasised that the young boy’s problems are “serious” and will “escalate” if he is not “handled properly and given the proper follow-up by authorities”.

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More About the Case

Since the case was exposed online, various associations have taken action to seek justice for Panther.

Organisations such as the Cat Welfare Society and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have also released statements and indicated that they reported the incident to the authorities after it happened.

SPCA also confirmed that they have since visited the boy’s house to understand the situation better.


Previously, the boy expressed that he threw the cat down the block because he was not getting enough love and affection from his family members.

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Featured Image: Facebook (WatsIn Sal)