Ryan Tan Hasn’t Scolded Any of His Staff Members in His New Company


We all know about the Ryan Sylvia disaster, right?

Recently, the co-owner of fallen the Youtube channel NOC came on another interview, answering questions about life, work, and his relationships. 

On the Youtube channel You Got Watch, he was alongside Jonathan Chua, another media personality, answering questions from a capsule toy machine. 

In this article, however, we will only focus on Ryan’s side (sorry, Jon!). 

Chronologically, here was what he said:

Firing Employees

In the media line of work, Ryan shared that because the team is usually close-knit, firing an employee would mean firing a friend. 

On a spectrum of “closeness,” he said the people on either end of it (not close and super close) were the easiest to fire. 

“If it’s not a friend, it’s easy to fire. If it’s a very close friend, still can discuss (it).”

In contrast, those who fell in the middle of the spectrum were the most difficult to fire because it was hard to reason with them. 

“If it’s neither here nor there, that’s the hard part.”

Content Censorship 

The next question was on holding back content for fear of becoming “cancelled,” to which Ryan said definitively: “Of course.”


Sharing more about his company, he said he had a “Woke Council.” In a parliament-style setting, they’d discuss whether the content to be posted was appropriate. 

“All my Gen-Z woke people will be down there watching and then say, ‘will this get us cancelled?’”

Adding on, he highlighted the importance of withholding content because he “feel(s) that the Internet is very unforgiving with this.”

Also, whatever unpopular opinion he has cannot be voiced to the media, for he might face backlash. In this industry, any misstep or slip of the mouth could literally cost him his future, so he has to be careful of what content he releases. 

“Dangerous la, don’t want la.

“For the sake of (the) camera, I don’t have an unpopular opinion,” Ryan said, implying that he has to withhold particular sentiments. 

Maintaining Relationships

When he was asked what his most significant sacrifice made to preserve his relationships was, he light-heartedly said, “divorce.”

On the topic of his breakup, he mentioned that throughout their marriage, their relationship was strained, and in the end, the two decided to prioritise the business over staying together,

In that sense, he protected the ties with his friends, business partners, and coworkers by severing that with Sylvia. 

Youtube Isn’t Easy

“Building a brand/ curating content is easy. Just shoot and edit lor.”


That was the statement presented to him, to which he challenged: “You try lor.”

Highlighting that it might be easy to go viral one time, he said it’s challenging to maintain that standard and do the same thing day in, day out, week in, week out. 

“You go try for yourself.”

Working With Friends and Family

On the topic of memorable experiences working with friends and family, he jokingly said: “The saga is pretty memorable, I guess.”

Noting that everyone involved in said saga was his “friends and family,” he explained that that experience was a “gigantic ball of mess

Nonetheless, he isn’t sour about it and shares that he is very happy for his ex-employees when they join new media companies.


Bosses Using Work Funds for Personal Expenses

Ryan admitted that the bosses declared personal expenditures under the professional umbrella in his previous company. However, as his company imploded, the situation became complicated, and doing so made it worse. 

“I would not recommend it.”

Public Persona 

Obviously, not everything we see on the internet is true. That includes the identities of the people we watch. 

According to Ryan, many media personalities either modify their identities or amplify certain traits to appear more likeable and interesting. Ryan himself is introverted but has to speak up and stand out to attract more viewers.

After all, that’s how he makes money.


“Every content creator, influencer, or whoever in this media line right, amplifies their character. They have to put on a persona to make it interesting.”

Role as a Boss

“What does being a boss really mean to you?” 

When posed this question, he thought about it for a while before answering that his current goal was to be a joy to work with.

“I want to be a good and fun leader to be with,” he said. 

While focusing on quality and results, he wishes to do so in an enjoyable manner so that his employees do not dread their work. 

According to him, he hasn’t scolded anyone yet, so that’s a plus. 

Transcript of Everything He Said

Below is the transcript of what Ryan said throughout the Interview

QUESTION: Have you ever had to fire a friend? Share with us what happened.


I had a friend that came over to work as a server. Because I know him very long, so it wasn’t that hard, he kind of understood. If it’s not a friend, it’s easy to fire. If it’s a very close friend, still can discuss. But if it is neither here nor there, that’s the hard part. 

QUESTION: What are the pros and cons of working with people you are familiar with?

Sometimes it may not be in the best interest for the company to compromise. But because they don’t want to hurt the friendship right, then compromise lor. But it may not be the best result. 

STATEMENT: Ryan and John held back on posting something online for the fear of getting cancelled. 

Of course. It’s like an hourly decision whether this is okay. Really legit got like the “woke council”. All my gen-Z woke workers will be down there watching and then say “Will this get us cancelled?”You know how many things we say accidentally or in private right may get us cancelled?I feel the internet is really unforgiving when it comes to this. 

QUESTION: What is the biggest sacrifice you had to make in order to maintain you relationship?

Divorce. A very public divorce. No no, let me explain. At that time, it was either the business or the marriage. And we both felt like we were responsible for that many staff. We made the choice that the business is more important. It’s sad, it’s really a sad thing because the whole relationship was strained throughout the whole marriage. 

STATEMENT: Building a brand/curating content is easy. Just shoot and edit Lor.  

You try ah, you try it yourself. 

STATEMENT: Play the country eraser game! Winner gets to set a rule for the opponent for one round. 

**RYAN LOST and had to talk without his lips touching for that round**

QUESTION BY JONATHAN: How did you get your current girlfriend?

I don’t know, this one like very personal. I just send her a long text telling her what I feel. My confession was sincere from my heart. 

QUESTION: Would you rather sacrifice personal relationships or business opportunities?


QUESTION: What is an unpopular opinion that you hold?

No I cannot, dangerous eh, I got but dangerous, I don’t want. For the sake of the camera, I don’t have an unpopular opinion. 

STATEMENT: Name a memorable moment you had while working with your friend/family member. 

The saga is pretty memorable I guess. And all the people involved are friends and family, so it was like a gigantic ball of mess. Fun fact! I want to say right, a lot of the ex-crew I see joining like media companies here and there, I feel very happy for them. 

STATEMENT: Admit it! Bosses always expense their personal items and dining receipts under ‘work’. 

Admittedly when we were in our previous company… yes it happens. But when things went sour that’s when it gets very complicated. So, I would not recommend it. Last time yes, now no. 

QUESTION: Do you like it/hate it when your friends/family members call you ‘boss’?

Huh? That one very normal, I also call him(pointing to Johnathan) boss. Eh boss. I don’t like: “Hey bro.” Don’t call me bro. As long we have some sort of friendship or what right, then okay, you call me bro can. But it’s not like the first time you see me then: “Hey bro.”

SIDE QUESTION BY JOHNATHAN: At which point in any of your business have you told yourself, “I’ve made it already”?

To me, is when I got the Forbes 30 Under 30. To get to Forbes 30 Under 30 I had to sacrifice.I already sacrifice so much, like to me that’s the end game like, I okay already. Maybe I was too young at that time. Like I was under 30. I was like 28 or 27 when I got there.

STATEMENT: Tell something the public didn’t know about you. 

A lot of people watch our vlogs and think that we are very fun and interesting people. Like me, I’m very introverted in that way. But of course, for the sake of video and camera, I amplify my character, like make it more entertaining and fun. I don’t care what they say. Every content creator, influencer or whoever in this media line right, amplifies their character. They have to put on a persona to make it interesting. 

QUESTION: What does being a boss really mean to you?

My answer to this question changes from time to time. Right now, I’m at a stage that I want to be a good and fun leader to be with. I want to show them that the vision, I had for them was very different from what actually happened. I’d like to say I haven’t scolded anyone yet. That’s not me being like too relax, right? I have my standards, I have my quality to uphold. But I feel like there’s always a nicer way to do things or say things. 

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