Popular South Korea Convenience Store emart24 Coming to S’pore from 23 Dec


This holiday saw many families travelling abroad, most commonly to Japan or Korea. 

I felt that my holiday in Korea was over in the blink of an eye. Why do holidays always end so fast?

If you’re missing that non-Singapore feeling, I have good news: Korea is coming to Singapore. 

Well, at least its convenience store is. 

Popular South Korean Convenience Store emart24 Coming to S’pore from 23 Dec

From Friday (23 December), you can enjoy that overseas mart feeling because the South Korean Convenience Store emart24 will open here. 

That’s right; you don’t need to get your midday snacks at the boring old 7-Eleven anymore.

If the store is anything like it is in Korea, you can expect traditional yet delectable Korean foods, like the sweet, spicy, and springy tteokbokki or the crispy and hearty corndogs. 

On Wednesday (21 December), emart24 announced on Facebook that it’d be opening its first two outlets in Singapore at Boon Lay and Serangoon. 

Its first outlet at Level 1 of Jurong Point will commence operations on 23 December. A day later, the NEX outlet at B2 will open. 

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More About emart24

As Korea’s fastest-growing convenience store chain, it offers food products and lifestyle ones. 

Assuming Singapore’s outlet will be similar to emart24’s other international outlets (such as the one in Malaysia), we can expect to see exclusive imported Korean products. 

Similar to the Japanese chain Don Don Donki, we might see new, non-Singapore snacks, drinks, and dishes.

Who needs Kentucky Fried Chicken when you’ve got Korean Fried Chicken, right? 

Image: emart24

To pair with your savoury snack, you can get your coffee in a packet. Purchase a cup of ice and pour the drink in for that unique Korean experience. 

Image: FOOD Malaysia

Do note that these are just speculation based on emart24’s other international outlets and not a guarantee of what it might sell in Singapore.


Nonetheless, with emart24’s standard, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed tomorrow. 

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Featured Image: icosha/ Shutterstock + emart24