Boy Allegedly Hit on Buttocks as Punishment & Parent Lodged a Police Report

In 1988, when a boy was hit on the buttocks by a teacher for not saying “please”, he would try to hit his wound when he was home.

If his parents saw the wound, they would question him about it. Once they knew why he had been punished in school, the parents would call the teacher immediately, and the conversation would be something like this:

Parent: Hello, Cher arh?

Teacher: Yah?

Parent: Cher, so sorry leh my son is so rude. Next time hit him more, okay? Later I’ll beat him more for being disrespectful

Teacher: Mdm, it’s okay—

Parent: You know where I can buy some stronger ruler?

The boy eventually turned out fine and learned from his lesson.

Now, in 2018, it’s a different world together.

Guess 30 years can really change the world drastically.

Yesterday (11 February 2018), a Stomper, Ilva, told Stomp that she has made a police report (seriously—read on) because her son was allegedly hit on the buttocks by a principal at a childcare centre as a form of punishment.

I can’t even.

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What Allegedly Happened

So, basically, the son, whom we will name Durian, was playing hide-and-seek in the centre. There is a shared toilet, and thinking that his friend was in it, he opened the door and found a girl inside instead.

The girl cried and asked for her parents. The principal then punished Durian by beating him on the backside with a wooden ruler.

The process seemed measured and proper: Durian was asked to bend over a table.

The principal then explained that he had punished Durian to pacify the girl’s parents.

But seriously, have we come to a stage whereby educators have to explain their actions?

Nevertheless, Durian was found with the wound marks when he was swimming. He initially lied to his parents, saying that he was punished for “talking in class”.

It was after Durian’s mother confronted the school that she knew what really happened.

And instead of doing a 1998, she did a 2018, and has this to say: “My son really just did it with no ill intentions, does it warrant a punishment like this?”

In the same Stomp article, the police have confirmed the report and was investigating.

I wonder what kind of “investigations” can be done for something like this.

Now, whose side are you on? The principal or the Stomper?

And by the way, whoever is going to be Durian’s BMT instructor during NS: good luck.

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