Bubble Tea Mooncakes Available This Mid-Autumn Festival


Oh no. Oh no…

This is the continuation of Bubble Tea taking over the world, the next episode in the Bubble Tea Horror Saga.

We placed them by our beds as shrines, did sexual things with them, had them grow on things that shouldn’t like crabs, caused trypophobia, got them implanted in our bodies and someone even died from it.

This is the next step of Bubble Tea invasion; aiming at our cultures.

But anyway… For those who are already infected by the Bubble Tea disease that we haven’t found a cure for…

Bubble Tea-Flavoured Mooncakes by Chang Ho Sek

The bubble tea mooncakes will be offered as Snow Skin Mooncakes with 2 flavours; Milk Tea and Matcha.

Here’s a closer look into the cross-section:

You can opt for them to come in a Tingkat or box:


You’ll even get plates if you buy them in a tin box:

Pre-order only, with a 25% discount until 7 Aug

Until 7 Aug, you get a 25% discount for pre-ordering, which you can do so by calling 6937 7896 or emailing an order form to [email protected]. You can view more flavours on their website.

In case you’re wondering, they’re located in Singapore.

Here’s the price for Bubble Tea Delights, with 25% discounted prices on the right:

Image: Chang Ho Sek

So…what’re you wai- NO NO NO Don’t let Bubble Tea consume you

Look, we know you’re struggling and you’re trying your best, but Bubble Tea is ruining your life. We know Bubble Tea has brought you joy in times of hardship, bringing you the rush you needed in a world of stress.

But look. You need to face this addiction. It has gone to a point where it started to hurt other people other than yourself. George Yang had a perfect pancake ruined by Bubble Tea. A peach milk tea was thrown away and brought shame to its family with a 0.5/5 rating because of pearls.

All I’m saying is, we can work on this together. We can do it your way, your pace. Look, here’s some tea flavoured ones they offer too:

Earl grey and osmanthus. Earl Grey, that’s the flavour you like the most yeah? One step at a time, without pearls this time. It’s even slightly cheaper at S$58 before discount.


Don’t you miss the time, where you can look at a plate of chilli crab, and instead of seeing bubble tea pearls in their eyes, you see just a delicious plate of chilli crab?

Don’t you wish for the time where you saw grapes, and you saw grapes instead of thinking they look like pearls?

And don’t you wish for the time, drank Hei Bai (Soya milk with chin chow) and saw it for what it is instead of soy milk with pearls?

It’s not too late. Before bubble tea lanterns are a thing and we take them on moonlit walks in our Mid-Autumn Festivals. Before fairy lights in Hari Raya are replaced by bubble tea pearls.

Say no to pearls.