Bus Captain Praised for Giving Chocolate to Crying Child Who Was Hungry in Bus


Those who’ve brought young children out will know how difficult it can be to keep them happy and quiet in public.

Now bring two, and you might end up with an absolutely chaotic mess on your hands.

And although some people may get irritated at the ruckus that young kids are every bit capable of stirring up, there are also others who are nothing but empathetic towards the situation.

Bus Captain Gave Crying Child Chocolate

In a Facebook post by Aleesa Saaib, she detailed the experience she had on a public bus with a bus driver who offered her crying child chocolate.

She talked about how she was travelling back home via bus service 98 after fetching her children when her son had started becoming moody due to hunger, and started crying and acting out on the bus. This only got worse as activities such as watching trucks pass by failed to calm him down after a while.

She also had her older daughter, a toddler, along with her.

Ms Saaib also mentioned how her son is exclusively breastfed when with her, but she had forgotten to bring out snacks that day and could not breastfeed him on the bus as she did not have a nursing cover with her.

After stopping the bus at a junction, the bus captain approached Ms Saaib and her children, and she initially thought that he was going to tell them off for being so noisy on the bus.

However, the bus captain took out two pieces of chocolate instead and passed them to Ms Saaib’s children to calm them down.

Upon having the chocolate and having their hunger satiated, both children were much calmer, bringing Ms Saaib much relief and gratitude.

She also noted that she knows how we should not be eating on public transport, and asked for others to be understanding towards this unique situation.

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Bus Captain Not Yet Identified

In her hurry, Ms Saaib mentioned that she did not manage to take down the bus driver’s name, but managed to take down the car plate number of the bus.

In a later update, she also informed the public that she had submitted good feedback reviews to both LTA and Tower Transit.

She provided them with the car plate number, approximate time of travel and direction of travel, and said that she hopes that he will be praised for his kindness.

Many netizens echoed Ms Saaib’s sentiments, with her post garnering almost a hundred comments offering the bus driver praise and around 1,500 shares.


Others also provided Ms Saaib with encouragement and assured her that there was no need to apologise when she did for not bringing a nursing cover out with her.

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Featured Images: Facebook (Aleesa Saaib)