Iris Koh, Who Was Hospitalized in IMH & Now SGH, Has Her Charge Upgraded As Well


Do you know what has more episodes than your grandmother’s favourite Taiwan drama?

The Healing the Divide saga.

Yup, here we go again. If you still haven’t caught up on what’s happened yet, click here and here before you continue reading!

Iris Koh to Face Upgraded Charges

Iris Koh, the founder of Healing the Divide (and Singapore’s most infamous “intelligent vaxxer”), was initially charged with one count of conspiring with Dr Jipson Quah to cheat the Ministry of Health (MOH) with false vaccination records.

However, her charge has been changed to one count of criminal conspiracy to provide MOH with false information.

This is targeted at the accusation of her being part of a criminal conspiracy from July 2021 to January 2022 along with Quah.

Now, instead of a maximum jail term of three years, a fine or both, Koh faces up to twenty years’ imprisonment, a fine or both.


Koh’s Hospitalisation

According to CNA, Koh is currently warded at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and was warded at the Institute for Mental Health (IMH) recently before that.

Although the reasons behind her hospitalisation were not disclosed, her lawyer, Clarence Lun from Fervent Chambers, said that it was “unlikely to be COVID-19”.

I mean, it’d be pretty ironic if it was… Intelligent vaccinations indeed.

It was also mentioned that she will be remanded again upon her discharge.

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What’s Next?

Similar to Koh, Jipson Quah also had his charges amended earlier this week, and he also faces a maximum of 20 years instead of three years in jail.

Just like how Quah is currently ineligible for bail, Koh is too.

However, Lun stated that her team is preparing to appeal for her to be released on bail in order to spend the Chinese New Year holiday with her family. He also said that “it is Koh’s husband’s “sincere hope” to spend Chinese New Year with her”.

Er, ok lah, although I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to eat out lah, but whatever floats their boat…

In addition to that, the other man involved in this, Thomas Chua Cheng Soon, is also set to face more serious charges.

Koh’s next hearing is scheduled for 4 February.

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