NTUC FairPrice Sells Pomfret at Half the Price Compared to Wet Market


With the Chinese New Year celebrations just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the price of food has increased, especially in the wet market.

And while it’s normal to see prices for any type of ingredients increase, it’s often the cost of fish that sends shivers down our spine as we thumb through our wallets to fish for more cash.

But if you’re still fretting over whether to fork out that higher-than-average sum for the fish your mother wants you to buy, perhaps NTUC might be a much more budget-friendly option to consider.

FairPrice Selling Fish At Lower Price

In a recent Facebook post, NTUC notified the public that they were selling fish at cheaper prices as compared to wet markets.

The prices of Chinese pomfret and red grouper were especially highlighted, given the fact that these two fishes are amongst the most popular for Singaporeans to buy during the Chinese New Year season.

Both fish go for $50.90 per kilogramme, a drastic contrast from the wet market prices of $90 to $100 and $75 per kilogramme of Chinese pomfret and red grouper respectively. If you’re still doing your last-minute shopping for CNY meal ingredients, don’t forget to check out your nearby NTUC to see if there’s still any fish left!


During normal, off-peak periods, wet markets usually sell Chinese pomfret at about $40 to $50 per kg, while red grouper retails for around $30 to $40 per kilogramme.

Another reason that may have contributed to the sharp increase in prices apart from the increase in demand is the flooding in Malaysia, which affects our fish supply as Singapore imports a substantial amount of our fish from Malaysia.

Cost of Other Seafood

However, if you’re looking for more affordable prices for other kinds of seafood, you might be slightly disappointed.

Based on The New Paper‘s observations, the wet market and supermarket prices for prawns are rather similar. One kilogramme of prawns costs around $20 at the supermarket, and $18.90 at NTUC.

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Other Supermarkets Have Cheaper Prices Too

If you don’t have an NTUC that’s super near your house, it’s not a problem either as other supermarkets in Singapore are also reportedly selling fish at cheaper prices.

For example, according to The New Paper, Sheng Siong is selling pomfret for $63.99 per kilogramme, while red grouper costs $69.99 per kilogramme. Not as cheap, but still a steal as compared to wet market prices!

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