Someone Called The Police For Not Getting Batman Collectible Box in Caltex


If you’ve been filling up your car with fuel in Caltex, you should be familiar with this:


Every single time, the cashier would ask if I would like to buy a Batmobile, and in the back of my mind, I would always be thinking, “Siao, who the heck would buy these toys in a petrol station?”

Boy, was I wrong.

The demand for them is so high, someone called the police after he wasn’t able to get his hands on it.

Someone Called The Police For Not Getting Batman Collectible Box in Caltex

Since 8 October 2021, all Caltex petrol stations in Singapore sold these “exclusive new Batman collectibles”, with a new design every two weeks.

Image: Caltex

You can buy them for $9.90 if you spend a minimum of $60 gross on fuel with your Plus! card. Unless you’re topping up fuel for a motorbike, it usually cost more than $60 to fill up the entire tank of your vehicle, so $60 is very doable.

These Batmobiles are usually placed right beside the cashier, and last I know, there are always enough stock.

So what’s the problem?


Image: Caltex

If you’ve bought all the four Batmobiles, you can get this free “exclusive Collector’s Box” as long as you’re the first 500 customers. You’d, however, have to show your proof of receipt, and you can only redeem from these four stations:

  • Caltex Changi,
  • Caltex Chong Pang
  • Caltex Holland
  • Caltex Jurong West

The last Batmobile is released today (19 November), and since the promotion will last till 31 December, you should still be able to redeem the box by, say, end of this week, right?


According to Wanbao, people have queued up in various Caltex stations last night, and when midnight struck… chaos occurred.

Someone told Wanbao that in an outlet, the staff member told the customers that the redemption of the boxes can only be done at 7am, not 12am.

That person was so triggered that he called the police, and those men and women who signed on to fight criminals had to rush to a petrol station to control a crowd that is dying for a box that hold four toys.

However, it should be noted that in the Terms & Conditions indicated in the Caltex Batmobile Collect and Redeem Promotion 2021, they did indicate that the redemption starts from 7am:


Boxes Are Already Fully Redeemed

So, did people queue up at 7am this morning, then?

Most probably yes, because at 10:43am, Caltex said in a Facebook post that all the boxes have been redeemed:

And of course, if you can’t get your hands on it, where do you do?


Reader Bao: Join the weekly Batmobile Quiz, as they mentioned in their Facebook post?

No, silly. There’s always Carousell.

So far, there’s only one listing for the item at $199, and what’s even more interesting is that it was listed two weeks ago, and it’s not a stock image.

Image: Carousell

The world really works in a weird way.

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