You Can Order Your Buses Via Your Phone In 2019, Like Uber / Grab

Car-hailing apps have made our lives much easier, with just a few taps on your smartphone, you will be able to grab yourself a ride.

Soon, you would be able to do that for buses as well!

Last year, LTA explored on-demand public bus services, giving the power to the commuters where they can request pick-ups and drop-offs at any bus stops within an operating area.

Pretty cool, eh!

The first phase

Now, the first phase is set in motion as they awarded $466,194.50 to two companies, US-based transport company, Via and local startup company, SWAT.

In the press release, it mentioned that the first phase will involve the said companies coming up with a software of sorts that will allow buses to be deployed according to real-time commuter demand.

Something like Uber or Grab.

They will also be testing out the simulations to demonstrate and improve the service standard and resource requirements, allowing LTA to determine the operational trial parameters.

What’s next?

For the second phase, bus operators will test and calibrate the software which will be carried out in the third quarter of 2018.

In the fourth quarter, operational trials will commence.

The trials might take place inc Joo Koon, for bus 253, 255 and 257; Punggol North/West, for bus 84 and 382 and Shenton Way/ Marina South for bus 400 and 402.

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According to the LTA, the aforementioned areas have low demand during off-peak hours and this new service would benefit commuters.


While the project is still in its infancy stage, it is still very exciting!

Soon, waiting for a bus for 20 minutes during off-peak hours will be a thing of the past!

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