Don’t Say Bojio: $2 For 2 Cendol Mr Softee At 7-Eleven (Until 27 Oct)

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Ice cream and deals! Perfect for rainy weather because there’s never a bad time for deals or ice cream.

2 for $2 Cendol Mr Softee

[DEALS]⁣⁣Enjoy our legendary Mr. Softee at a special deal that is out of this world 🌎⁣⁣Till 27 Oct, get 2 cups for…

Posted by 7-Eleven Singapore on Tuesday, 29 September 2020

⁣By the way, if you look at the picture properly, it says “Valid from 28 Sep to 27 Oct 2021“.

And the 7-Eleven website actually says “03 August 2020 – 18 October 2020″, so I’m going to take the middle ground here and go with 27 October 2020.

7-Eleven, feel free to close the deal whenever you like if that’s what the confusion is for.

Anyway, here’s the caption in the posts if you can’t load that:

“Enjoy our legendary Mr. Softee at a special deal that is out of this world 🌎

Till 27 Oct, get 2 cups for only $2! That’s twice the nostalgia, twice the creamy goodness, twice the fun!⁣

Share this amazing deal with friends and family today and enjoy the Chendol soft-serve wonder at a 7-Eleven near you today*!⁣

*7-Eleven Mr. Softee Store List here:”

In other words, it’s exactly as it says in the title. Cendol Mr Softee is being sold and it’s being sold for cheap.

You’ll actually save $1 from this deal because the original price per Mr Softee is $1.50.

Remember that it’s a two-cup situation, so you may need to beg your friend or friends to join you. Or not, no shame.

If you somehow don’t know what cendol is, Wikipedia says its “an iced sweet dessert that contains droplets of green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup”.

Image: Wikipedia

So basically imagine something coconut-y with that gula melaka flavour in the form of a silky ice cream cup. I’m starting to crave it just writing about it.

A Nostalgic Treat

I’ll admit, I haven’t had it and I wasn’t aware it’s a thing but apparently, this is something older kids will identify as a part of their childhood and it made a splash when it came back after a decade.

In fact, 7-Eleven recently held the exact same deal for the exact same item and it was awesome and exciting, but that’s not important.

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This one lasts till 27 October and it’s available at many more outlets than the last time.

I won’t paste the list here because it’s very very extensive and my editor will actually kill me but here’s it is.

For an actual shot of how it looks (all credits to Eatbook).


The Important Details


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When: 28 September to 27 October 2020 (?)

Where: these outlets 


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