Education Minister Chan Chun Sing Joins TikTok from 2023


Today’s social media platforms constantly leapfrog yesterday’s. 

Instagram replaces Facebook. Telegram replaces WhatsApp, and so on.

In a bid to connect to more people and increase their outreach, ministers often have to keep up with the latest social trends and use the newest social media platforms. 

In that fashion, Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing has joined the TikTok community. 

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing Joins TikTok from 2023

Two days ago (2 January), the Tanjong Pagar GRC MP posted his first video on TikTok under the handle @chanchunsingsg

The video was captioned: “Looking back and moving forward! Excited for 2023 and what is to come.” It featured the key highlight of our minister’s 2022 year. 

His “2022 wrapped” featured him visiting 55 schools last year. According to him, the people he enjoyed visiting most were the students. 

In the video, there was a compilation of moments of him speaking to students of all ages while doing various activities, such as toying with robotics creations and spinning a mace. 

One moment even featured him taking a selfie with the kids. 

Moving on, his “top non-school location” is Singapore’s parks. There were short clips of him cycling and running around lush greenery. Also, he posted some selfies of him in front of the scenery. 

Ending off, he gave a thumbs-up after saying: “Moving forward, I’m now here on TikTok. Let’s see how my 2023 goes!”

@chanchunsingsg Looking back and moving forward! Excited for 2023 and what is to come. #walkwithCCS ♬ original sound – ChanChunSingSG

Now, we’re just waiting for PM Lee and his magic water to join the platform.

Visiting Ang Mo Kio Primary

In his next video, he visited Ang Mo Kio Primary School on the P1 student’s first day (3 January). 

He could be seen interacting with the students and parents with a cheery smile and an inviting attitude. He also chatted with the students during their recess break.

When asked how he felt about being on TikTok, he replied with an optimistic tone that he was “going to learn something new this year.”


“Just like the P1s and the K1s.”

@chanchunsingsg It was the first day of school for our P1s and K1s today! May this new journey help them to discover their strengths and interests. #walkwithCCS #ourschoolstories ♬ original sound – ChanChunSingSG

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More About Mr Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing is a former Major-General in the Singapore Army and current Minister for Education. 

He represents the Buona Vista division of Tanjong Pagar GRC. 

In his youth, he received the President’s Scholarship and the Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship


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Featured Image: TikTok (Chan Chun Sing)