Cheers Has Responded to the SPF Viral Incident & Put the TikToker on Administrative Leave


2023 has only just started, but there is a new saga. 

A now ex-Cheers employee tried to go viral on TikTok by online shaming Singapore Police Force (SPF) service members for just doing their job.

What could have easily been an easy and quick verification process has now cost TikTok user Jonathan, also known as @confederateginger, his job at Cheers. 

The Altercation at Cheers

In case you missed the drama, here is the summary of the facts.

The TLDR of the story was that Jonathan, a Cheers’ cashier, was involved in a dispute with a member of the public (identity unknown) at the Lau Pa Sat outlet he was working at on New Year’s Day (1 January 2023). 

He claimed that the member of the public tried to “impersonate” the Police and was “causing trouble” at his store. 

Jonathan then alerted the Police, but strangely enough, he refused to cooperate when they came to the scene. 


He claimed he “did nothing wrong” and refused even to show them his ID card. 

The Police reasoned that they would check his ID card for verification purposes, but he refused to hand it over. 

As the debacle continued, the Police eventually temporarily closed the store as they felt they were interfering with their investigations.

Jonathan did not take this move easy. He continued to film and threatened to post on TikTok. 

You can watch his five-part docuseries in full glory here. The cinematography and plot were truly remarkable. 

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound  – Jonathan

TikTok users did not take Jonathan’s side at all. Some even laughed at the possibility of him losing his job at Cheers due to this incident. 

Image: TikTok

TikTok user @sgsgilkb was right. 

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Cheers’ Response to the Incident

Cheers released a public statement on their Facebook page condemning Jonathan’s actions at the Lau Pa Sat outlet yesterday.

They stated that all Cheers staff would fully cooperate with SPF officers whenever assisting the authorities. 

Jonathan has since been counselled regarding his behaviour by the Cheers team. Hopefully, they taught him a lesson about following simple instructions too. 

He is now placed on administrative leave indefinitely while the investigations with the Police are going on.

You can read their complete statement here: 


There is an ongoing trend of zho bo (nothing to do) clout chasers showing their rowdy (or even illegal) behaviour on TikTok. 

Remember your digital footprint, guys. It can cost you your job, like Jonathan.

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Featured Image: @confederateginger / TikTok

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