Singer Charlene Choi Claims a Celebrity Lied to Borrow Money from Her


If you’re on the verge of strangling someone around you for the money they borrowed from you, just know that you’re not the only one who’s felt this way.

In fact, even celebrities aren’t spared from this frustration.

Recently, Hong Kong singer-actress Charlene Choi, 39, revealed that she is no longer in contact with one of her friends after she found about the lies he told in order to borrow money from her.

Choi, who is currently based in China, appeared on the Chinese variety show Duality of Her lately. During her interview there, she exposed the fact that a celebrity, who was not named, told her that he had “financial difficulties”.

Upon hearing that, Choi, who made her break in the entertainment scene by being a member of Cantopop duo Twins, went to withdraw money from the bank and intended to pass it to that friend.

“I found out later that he was lying and blocked him (on social media),” Choi recalled.

“I was so angry that I deleted him and did not want the money back, as I knew he would not repay me.”


Celebrity Not Named but Netizens Think it is Steven Cheung

Even though Choi did not specifically name the “friend” who tried to borrow money from her, many netizens have speculated that she might be referring to Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung.

Cheung, 37, is a member of Boyz, a Cantopop duo. Other than making the news in 2019 after allegedly cheating on his girlfriend by marrying a fan who gave birth to their son, the singer has apparently also asked to borrow money from other celebrities in the past.

It is said that he did not repay the celebrities after borrowing money from them, which as a result led to a handful of celebrities staying away from him.

Since Choi’s interview, Chinese netizens have left comments on Cheung’s Douyin videos, asking him to pay her the money he borrowed.

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It was also noted that Choi has since unfollowed Cheung on Instagram.

Previously, it was known in the entertainment industry that Cheung had a crush on Choi, and the pair were good friends.

Twins, comprising Choi and Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung, were guest performers during a Boyz concert back in 2018.

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