S’pore Influencer Lost Her IG Account with 110k Followers for Buying Fake Branded CNY Clothes


How would you feel if your life’s work got robbed from you overnight? 

Disappointed? Distressed? Depressed? 

That’s how Singaporean influencer, Vanessa Tam, felt when her Instagram account was seized. 

S’pore Influencer Lost Her IG Account with 110k Followers for Buying Fake Branded CNY Clothes

For 12 years, influencer Vanessa Tam, better known as Polkadope, has been building the Lego blocks of her IG account, one brick at a time. But suddenly, the big, bad bully Instagram took her figurine from her overnight, leaving the innocent influencer in tears. 

Recounting the incident on a temporary account on Thursday (12 January), she said: “So, 110k of my Instagram followers was gone overnight.

“12 years of my hard work on Instagram was gone overnight.”

Getting your account deactivated isn’t something you can do easily. So, how did she manage to screw up so badly? 

Well, that’s the catch; she didn’t even do it on purpose!

Apparently, her account was suspended because of a video she posted of her buying New Year clothes for her grandmother. 

Unassuming, right? That’s what she thought as well. 

Turns out, the designs on the blouse were similar to that of a luxury brand, which violated Instagram’s community guidelines. 

Not thinking much about it, Tam went ahead and posted the video. She added that that was the typical clothing we’d see our grandmothers and mothers buy from wet market clothing stalls. 

However, that’s not what Instagram’s algorithm picked up. 

They faulted her for “selling counterfeit goods or promoting counterfeit goods,” ultimately leading to her account getting banned. 

“My intention was just to share my grandmother’s joy on my Instagram story, and unknowingly, I violated some community guidelines.”


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Many Supporting Her

After she voiced her pain on the temporary account, many users came to her aid, sharing how she could recover her account via appealing and chatting with an Ad manager.

Image: Instagram (@polkadopeeee)
Image: Instagram (@polkadopeeee)

Got Her Account Back

After a few days, she finally got her account reinstated. In her temporary account, she posted a story highlight named “my fight,” which details her entire ordeal there. 

Image: Instagram (@polkadopeeee)

In the highlight, she thanked the people who stuck by her and the clients who still welcomed her. 

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Featured Image: Instagram (Vanessa Tam)