Even DPM Lawrence Wong Spoke About the Charles & Keith Luxury Bag Saga

The Charles & Keith Girl is going places.

Well, maybe not her, but her story is going places, from overseas media to now, a politician’s reference.

Here’s what DPM Lawrence Wong said about the saga.

Even DPM Lawrence Wong Spoke About the Charles & Keith Luxury Bag Saga

Today (16 January 2023), DPM Wong spoke at the Singapore Perspectives Conference organised by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS).

The conference is an annual event to engage participants in debates and discussions about public policy challenges in Singapore.

A few politicians would be invited to speak about various issues. For example, last year, a few notable guests included former foreign minister George Yeo, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and National Development Minister Desmond Lee.

This year, guests include Education Minister Chan Chun Sing and DPM Lawrence Wong.

This year’s theme is about “Work”, whereby participants would discuss about how technology could affect our jobs.

And as DPM Wong was speaking about why there’s a need to shift perceptions about what “good jobs” are since these are subjective, he used an example how people tend to compare things “for the wrong reasons”.

Yes, you know where this is going.

He said, “We saw this recently when there was a social media debate about luxury bags

“And what is deemed ‘branded’? I mean, if you have not been following the debate, then just go online and google ‘Charles &  Keith’.”

He agreed that there will always be temptations to compare, and sometimes these could “help drive healthy competition and a desire to learn and improve.

“But sometimes the comparisons are motivated by the wrong reasons and shaped by the desire to acquire status and social privilege.”

He then added, “We are each blessed with unique gifts and talents. There is no need to compare with others.”

Well, if anything, we most probably would be seeing a new TikTok video from zohtaco.

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Featured Image: Facebook ((Institute of Policy Studies – IPS) & TikTok (@zohtaco)