Some Chatuchak S’pore Visitors Are Sharing Negative Reviews of the Night Market


If you’re a fan of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market, you must be aware of Chatuchak Night Market Singapore which is currently ongoing.

As swarms of locals head to The Grandstand in Turf Club for a taste of the Land of Smile’s iconic market, you may not leave with a smile on your face if you do, too.

There have been complaints from those who have visited the pop-up market about crowds, waiting times, parking woes and even floods.

People, People, Everywhere

One of the most common gripes of those who have experienced the Chatuchak Night Market Singapore is the crowds.

The sheer volume of people jam-packed into the narrow alleys of the market is a sure turn-off.

Videos circulating on TikTok show hordes of people thronging the market. In a video posted on TikTok by user @runawaykim, the market looks packed.

@runawaykim 10/10 would……not recommend. #fyp #chatuchakmarket ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

In one scene, a male visitor pinches the tshirt of a woman walking in front of him to avoid getting lost in the crowd.

Image: TikTok (@runawaykim)

Similar sentiments have been echoed by other TikTok users.

A caption on user @gieziheart’s video advises the viewers not to come on a weekend as it is “crowded everywhere”.

@gieziheart Chatuchak Night Market in Singapore. Is it worth it?😅 #chatuchaknightmarket #fyp #chatuchaknightmarketsingapore #thaifood #valentines #flowers #dior #singapore #chatuchakmarket #diorforever #missdior #perfumetester #relate #relatable #love #fyp #justforfun #trend #foryou #viral #sg #foryoupage #fun #reels #asia #expat #lifeinsg #luxury #life #humor #justforfun #justforlaugh #diorcomedy #food #foodie ♬ Oh No Oh No Oh No No No – Dubskie

In the TikTok video, similar levels of crowds can be seen, with people packed shoulder-to-shoulder.

Image: TikTok (@gieziheart)

We wouldn’t envy anyone who gets separated from their group here.

Long Waiting Times

Singaporeans love to queue, but even the queues at this market are fazing locals.

While we expect some queues with the large crowds, it appears that the queuing situation at Chatuchak Night Market Singapore is especially bad.

A video posted by user @eunicechok sheds some light on the queueing situation at the market.

@eunicechok can’t imagine the crowd during the weekends… #chatuchaksg ♬ origineel geluid – Tik Toker

She mentions that attendees have to queue twice at some stalls—once to pay and once to collect the food.

Image: TikTok (@eunicechok)

What’s worse than being stuck in a queue?

When the food runs out while you’re in the queue.

This nightmare materialized for user @eunicechok as she shares that some of the items “ran out midway as [they] were queueing”. Some stalls also “stopping taking” orders due to the high demand.


If you’re planning to beat the crowds by visiting the market on a weekday, think twice.

The experiences described in @eunicechok’s TikTok video were based on her visit on a Thursday.

Shortage of Parking Spaces

The issues do not stop here.

Apart from crowds and queues, parking spaces are also scarce.

According to MS News who spoke to one Hakim who went to the market, the “road leading up to the venue was filled with cars” and it took “triple” the time to reach the destination.

Definitely not a fun wait (and not easy on the wallet too—petrol is pricey).


If you’re a newbie driver, it may also be advisable to avoid driving to the market as the roads and narrow and the large crowds may spillover onto the roads.

The Floods Make a Comeback

As if things could not get any worse, Murphy’s law strikes again.

The long-awaited return of Chatuchak Night Market Singapore has also been plagued with floods as the rains continue to pour over certain parts of Singapore.

TikTok user @hoyeahfunatic shares a video of heavy rains at the market, with puddles of water seen pooling at the side of pavements.

@hoyeahfunatic Chatuchak floating market singapore #fyp #foryoupage #sgtiktok #tiktoksg #viral ♬ original sound – Hoyeah Funatic

Image: TikTok (@hoyeahfunatic)

Netizens have found humour in this dire situation, with some commenting that we’re getting the authentic “floating market” experience and drew parallels to the popular Songkran water festival in Thailand.

Image: TikTok (@Mellancet, @your gf, @smlj lolz)
Image: TikTok (@Emmy Khwang)

If you still choose to visit the market despite the issues—you have been warned!

Keep an eye on the crowd density as well as it can turn deadly in an instant once the crowd density reaches six people per square meter or more.

Do also be aware of where the exits are so that you can adequately deal with a potential crowd crush.

If anything, this market is a nice respite to its long absence though we could definitely do away with some of the issues.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@gieziheart, @runawaykim)