Ix Shen is Back in S’pore & is Writing a Book About His Experience in Ukraine


Last Updated on 2023-02-28 , 10:35 am

Remember how we got on-the-ground updates on the Russo-Ukraine war from former actor and Singaporean Ix Shen?

It turns out that he’s back in Singapore. Here’s why.

Instagram Update in Singapore

Ix Shen has been acting as Singapore’s unofficial war correspondent by revealing the realities of the Russo-Ukraine war on his Instagram.

He moved to Poland in March 2022 and returned to Ukraine the next month. He has been consistently helping out with war and humanitarian efforts since the war broke out.

Perhaps this was why it came as a surprise when his latest Instagram video featured the familiar landscape of the Singapore River.

The 50-year-old updated his Instagram on 12 February with a video of him walking along the Singapore River near Clifford Pier.


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Foreboding Greeting

He spoke to the camera as per his usual videos. Still, this video’s greetings had a foreboding feeling that the others lacked:

“Hi, I am Ix Shen. Thank you for watching; I am glad to be back in Singapore. 

Lately, the skies worldwide have been very interesting after the downing of a balloon in the US. Recently, over the skies of Canada, an unidentified flying object has also been downed. 

Let’s just hope we didn’t start a war with someone we are not expecting.”

He’s referring to how four unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been spotted recently and how US jets shot down two near North America.

China claimed the first UFO to be a weather vessel blown off-course, while the other three are still unclaimed.

Of course, the US thought that it was a surveillance balloon instead. 

Given how Ix Shen’s country is still embroiled in conflict, it is no wonder that he would associate these shootings of UFOs as a trigger for war.


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Iron Out Details for Upcoming Book

Ix Shen told Shin Min Daily News that he is back in Singapore for a few months to visit family and friends. As this was a temporary move, his wife did not return with him.

He also said he’s meeting a local publisher to discuss the details of his upcoming book, a memoir of his experiences in Ukraine. It will, hopefully, be published this year.

Ix Shen added that his memoir could help with Total Defence efforts in Singapore and act as a report for organisations looking to provide humanitarian relief.

The first anniversary of the Russo-Ukraine war is in less than ten days, on 24 February.

When asked about the state of Ukraine now, Shen stated, “I wouldn’t use the term ‘business as usual’ to describe life there since we have to constantly adapt to life due to the war.”


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