Man Slammed After Claiming Cai Png With 1 Meat & 1 Veg at $1.90 Expensive

Last Sunday, a Facebook user by the alias of Terence Tay took to a food-based group to complain about the price of his cai png (mixed vegetable rice).

In the description, he wrote in Mandarin, “Walao, for one piece of sardine plus curry vegetables, the boss charged me $1.90. So expensive.”

At the end, he tagged #SG.

Brother, we should walao you instead; where did you find such a cheap cai png stall!?


Netizens’ Response

As one might expect, the majority of the commenters made fun of the original poster.

After doing a brief scroll through of the comments, there are two types of comments that stand out the most.

The comment that jumps out most frequently would be that $1.90 for one meat and one vegetable is actually very cheap by Singaporean standards.

At most mixed vegetable stalls, the price for that amount of food is usually around $2.50 to $3.

One commenter even attached a picture of their cai png that has rice with tofu and lady fingers, stating that it costs $2, which costs 10 cents more than Tay’s.


As a matter fact, the only cheaper alternative for cai png available in Singapore is under the Rice Garden Programme, whereby ComCare card holders can have subsidised meals for $1.50/$1.80 at FairPrice economy rice stalls.

Well, or you could sneak into primary and secondary schools for the cheap food. That works too.

The second type of comment either directly tells Tay to go starve or cook his own food.

That way, his food will be free.

One comment read, “Don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t eat, then don’t need to walao.”


Another netizen asked, “Do you need me to help you to report [this stall] to the Consumers’ Association?”

To which the original poster replied, “Forgot to get the receipt, no evidence.”


There was also another perceptive Facebook user who noted that the oolong tea that Tay was drinking is probably as expensive as his food. Or at the very least, it should have cost $1.50.

Honestly, Tay has nothing to complain about, the food in the central business district area tends to cost upwards of $4.

And oh, cai png, whether $1.90 or $4, is unhealthy, too. Watch this and you’ll know why:

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