Lalamove ‘Walker’ Collected 5 Phones from Shop to Deliver But Went MIA After That


Courier services have been around for quite a while now and so far, we haven’t heard anything that bad yet.

Until today.

On Sunday (6 November), a Lalamove delivery walker, by the name of Edmund, picked up five phones from a local telco store, OnePhone, near Little India.

According to the shop owner’s Facebook post, the phones that Edmund took were worth over $3,000.

The owner tried dialing the delivery walker’s phone but kept hitting a wall as the number was “not in service”.

He had also left messages on Lalamove but they couldn’t get delivered.

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Even Lalamove themselves were at a stump as the thief was registered as a walker and thus, had no license plate number to give for tracking.

That’s not even the worse part yet.

Only $200 will be compensated to the store from Lalamove, despite the goods missing being worth over $3,000.



The store owner also mentioned how it was odd that a walker was assigned a 40km delivery when they had no car or bike.

Because of this incident, a non-delivery staff of OneShop had to take a cab at 11pm to deliver another set of the goods personally to the customer.

This Isn’t His First Scam

One comment under the post noted how the walker was the same person who scammed over 30 people on Carousell over the recent Dota 2 The International tickets.

He had taken around 30-50 ticket deposits and then ghosted them right after.

For a rough estimate, playoffs tickets were set to be sold for $88 per day, while the Finals ticket prices were set for $498 for both days.

Police reports have been made since 21 October 2022.

According to OneShop, the Lalamove walker moved from his registered address on his IC over two years ago, making it harder to track him down.

A police report has been made by the store owner but he is also urging the public to come forward and contact them on Whatsapp at +65 8511 1646 if they know of any more details on the sneaky thief.

Lalamove has also suspended the walker’s account to prevent any more incidents from occurring because of him.

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Featured Image: Facebook (OneShop)