Singaporeans Are Simping Over New SPF Girl in SPF New TikTok Video


There are those who simp for Abang Bombas (firefighters) and then there are the overlooked few who simp for Kakak Polis (policewomen).

And just this week (7 Nov), an influx of Kakak Polis simps have risen from the depths of TikTok and made their move for Priscilla, the team leader for the Singapore Police Force’s Emergency Response Team Bedok Division.


Have you met Priscilla? Together with her fellow ERT officers, they patrol the streets of Bedok. 🚔 #fyp #foryoupage #tiktoksg #police#safeguardingeveryday #singaporepoliceforce

♬ Swear By It – Chris Alan Lee

In the TikTok video uploaded by Singapore Police Force, Priscilla walks around the SPF carpark, preparing for patrol, whilst carrying 17kgs worth of gear in a very chic manner.

The video has since garnered over 439k views and more than 27.6k likes…in less than a day.

Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)

No wonder she’s got simps; imagine walking around effortlessly with 17kgs on you.

Just before she heads for patrol, she sikes the cameraman into thinking that she was going to take your basic white police car.


Turns out her ride is the much larger, and cooler, black Hyundai police car.

Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)

The car is equipped with discrete front and rear emergency warning blinkers, a rear LED info-sign panel and sirens for emergencies. It also has much more boot space than the basic white cars.

An an ERT Officer, Priscilla responds to calls involving firearms or dangerous weapons.

Being one of the frontliners and being so close to danger only made her simps go more crazy.


Some practically begging her to arrest them.

Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)
Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)

This one guy decided to show his rizz (pull-game or his skills to flirt) and threw a pick-up line just for her.

Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)

The ERT officers are handpicked from the six Police Land Divisions and equipped with tactical and counter-assault skills.

The ERTs also undergo regular intensive training with the Special Operations Command and conduct joint patrols with the SPF’s Public Transport Security Command (Transcom), and Community Policing Unit officers from the Neighbourhood Police Centres all over Singapore.

So don’t play play ah unless you want your ass whooped.

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Featured Image: TikTok (Singapore Police Force)

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