Confirmed: Cheers Will Be Firing Jonathan, the Cashier Who Refused to Cooperate With the Police


Following the viral dispute between a wannabe bad boy and the calm-headed SPF, FairPrice had instructed the Cheers outlet to sack their worker, Jonathan. 

The company does not condone any subversion of the authorities, and because Jonathan refused to cooperate with the police, he has been fired. 

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The Dispute

For those who are lost, you might be wondering what the original incident was about; fret not. 

Essentially, Jonathan, a Cheers’ cashier, was involved in a dispute with a member of the public (identity unknown) at the Lau Pa Sat outlet he was working at on New Year’s Day (1 January 2023). 

He claimed that the member of the public tried to “impersonate” the police and was “causing trouble” at his store. 

Jonathan then alerted the police, but strangely enough, he refused to cooperate when they came to the scene. 

He claimed he “did nothing wrong” and refused even to show them his ID card. 

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The police reasoned that they would check his ID card for verification purposes, but he refused to hand it over. 

As the debacle continued, the police temporarily closed the store as they felt they were interfering with their investigations.

Jonathan did not take this move easy. He continued to film and threatened to post on TikTok. 

Well, now, look who has the final laugh.



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Featured Image: TikTok (@confederateginger) + Google Maps (Techturismo)