Human Torso, Together with Other Body Parts, Found Along M’sia Expressway


Like something out of a cartel action movie, a headless, dismembered body was found on the side of a road in Malaysia

Here’s what we know so far: 

Human Torso, Together with Other Body Parts, Found Along M’sia Expressway

On Tuesday (17 January), a black suitcase was found along kilometre 447 of Malaysia’s North-South Expressway, near the Rawang Selatan exit. Inside the suitcase were a few body parts. A torso was also found on the roadside next to the suitcase. 

Image: Berita Harian

Because there was no head found at the scene, the victim’s gender and identity are currently unclear. Apart from the victim’s head, the arms and legs are also missing. There were also no identification documents at the scene.

It was noted that the victim does not have a BCG injection, suggesting that the victim might be a foreigner since BCG injections are given to all Malaysians at birth. 

All Singaporeans also take the BCG injection, so the victim is likely not a Singaporean, too.

The case is currently under investigation. 

Murder in Malaysia

Treating the case as a murder, police are investigating it under Section 302 of the Penal Code. 

The forensic team and K9 unit have both been deployed for further investigation. 

If convicted, the perpetrator could be sentenced to death. 

Case Details

According to the Sungai Buloh police chief, Shafa’aton Abu Bakar, passers-by spotted the bag and informed the police at around 11.45 am. 

After prior investigations on the scene, the superintendent said the body was sent to the Sungai Buloh Hospital. 

The post-mortem examination (autopsy) will be conducted today (18 January). 

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Last Headless Body Found

This gruesome case of beheading and dismembering wasn’t the first Malaysia has seen. 

In May 2014, a two-year-old toddler was found headless beside Sungai Klang in Jalan Hishammuddin, Malaysia. 

While trying to evade capture, the killer jumped into the Klang River and drowned.

According to a witness, the suspect forced the girl to lie down on the ground and used something to hit her head and neck. Several passers-by who saw the incident rushed to try to save the girl but to no avail because the suspect continued hitting her. 

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Featured Image: Berita Harian