Customer Buys Chicken Rice for People in TTSH & Hawker Upgrades Them With Super Atas Ingredients


COVID-19 can be a depressing situation for many. With the rise in the unemployment rate, shutting down of businesses and the number of deaths, the current situation has caused confusion and uncertainty to many.

Despite that all, we do see silver linings once in a while with heartening news such as healthcare workers dancing with migrant workers, nurses cheering for yet another discharged and of course, the opening of IKEA at JEM.

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And this chicken rice hawker who has improved his usual chicken rice to a bento set.

Upgraded bento set for healthcare workers

Poh Kee Chicken rice, located at Toa Payoh North, has shared that one of their loyal customers have recently done a bulk order of chicken rice to be sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital after seeing how badly his store was hit.

He then offered to contribute an egg for every bento boxes which drew attention from his friends, who offered to contribute to the eggs as well!

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Having received these contributions, one would have thought he would leave it as it is.

However, Poh Kee Chicken Rice decided to upgrade the bento boxes a little more by adding cherry tomatoes and using better grades vegetables for the salads.

He hopes that by doing so, whoever that has received the bento will feel fuller and enjoy the improved meal.

He had also thanked his customer and friends for the contributions and packing, and said that he will give his best with his cooking for the healthcare workers.

Looks like a meal from a restaurant, isn’t it?

A little kindness goes a long way

Seeing such actions from Poh Kee Chicken Rice is definitely heartening especially when our healthcare workers have been so selfless and holding the front.

If you feel inspired to help as well, you can head down to to check out how you can donate or volunteer during this trying period.

No cherry tomatoes required.


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