Chinatown Point Bunny Finally Has a Face As It’s Actually an Online Design Competition


If you’ve been to Chinatown these past few weeks, you might’ve noticed an interesting attraction.

Right outside Chinatown Point was a big faceless bunny that most shoppers found inauspicious and borderline horrifying, according to Shin Min Daily News.

Here’s some good news for the shoppers, the faceless bunny now has a face and it’s madly cute.

Chinatown Point Bunny Finally Has a Face As It’s Actually an Online Design Competition

According to a spokesperson from Chinatown Point, the bunny was meant to be bare and shoppers were encouraged to “fill in the blanks” of the faceless rabbit with their design.

But no one did so. I mean, the bunny was so big it was almost impossible to reach the face.

Some shoppers found the incomplete rabbit to be “inauspicious” as it was lacking in the organs of the five senses which is termed as “wu guan” (五官) in Mandarin.

Did I mention that the bunny also had no tail?


Some even said that it looked clinical and off-putting because it reminds them of illness and hospitals.

So they held a competition on 29 August to 1 September for the public to design the bunny.

The winning design, drawn by Huang Ruiting, was selected from five submissions and it’s adorable.

Image: Facebook (Chinatown Point)

Featuring two gigantic red eyes, Chinese lantern earrings, a multicoloured bow on its left ear, hearts on its blush, and a Sailor-Moon-like crescent on its forehead.

What was actually displayed at Chinatown Point is basically identical, just without the hearts, lanterns, and a much bigger bow that covers both ears.

Image: Facebook (Arhya Sahm)

The winner of the competition will be receiving $100 worth of NTUC vouchers.

Time to go on a grocery haul.

Now that the bunny has a face, shoppers no longer need to feel scared. The bunny will be around till 30 September as part of the “A Mid-Autumn’s Night Dream” event.

So you might want to hurry down and snap pictures with it as that’s less than a month away.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Arhya Sahm)

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