Cinnabon Officially Opening in Raffles City Shopping Centre This Thursday (9 Feb)


Remember the news of Cinnabon? That it’ll open in February this year?

Better Call Saul because the famous US cinnamon roll chain, which has over 1,500 outlets worldwide, is finally opening an outlet in Singapore over at Raffles City Shopping Centre this Thursday (9 Feb).

Yes, it’s already February.

Soft Launch Prior to Grand Opening

The good news does not just end there, as days before its grand opening, Cinnabon Singapore will have a soft launch on Tuesday (7 Feb) and Wednesday (8 Feb).

The opening hours during their soft launch will be 11am to 2pm.

Do note that there will only be 200 boxes called Cinnapacks available during each day of the soft launch and the outlet will close once all 200 boxes are sold. Each box contains four regular-size Cinnabons or Minibons, and each customer are only entitled to buy up to two boxes.

Three Flavours to Choose From

Cinnabon is most famous for its Classic roll. It is made with a mixture of their famous warm dough, Makara cinnamon, and the brand’s signature cream cheese frosting.


The original size will cost $6.80, while the mini version will cost you $4.20.

Those with an even sweeter tooth can try their Caramel Pecanbon. It is basically the Classic roll but topped with an additional caramel frosting and pecan nuts to give your tastebuds experience a new dimension of flavour.


The original size will cost $7.60, while the mini version will set you back $4.80.

Anyone with a chocolate addiction can try Cinnabon’s mini Chocobon, which contains swirls of chocolate, the brand’s signature cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate drizzle.

This flavour only comes in the mini size and will cost $4.50.

Bite-size items such as the Roll-On-The-Go and their Cinnachips will also be available for purchase. Both items cost $4 each and will be perfect for the kids, as parents need not worry that their children will make a mess.

There will also be one Singapore-exclusive item, the Sweetheart Lemonberry drink. This drink, which costs $4.50, is a strawberry lemonade that should help balance the sweetness of the cinnamon rolls.

Less Sweet and Halal Ingredients

According to master franchisee, Mr Alvin Ng, who gave an exclusive interview to The Straits Times, the outlet’s menu is the same as the rest of the world’s, but the recipes that will be used for the Singapore outlet are tweaked so that they will be less sweet.

In other words, siew dai.


Furthermore, the ingredients that will be used are Halal-certified. However, please do note that the outlet has yet to come into possession of a Halal Certification.

All the cinnamon rolls will also be handmade daily by trained staff who were trained at Cinnabon’s training centre located in Manila.

After the business becomes more stable, Mr Ng plans to introduce flavours such as Bischoff or kaya to cater to the Singaporean tastebud. Mr Ng also intends to introduce grilled paninis that are made using the same dough as the rolls.

Cinnabon is located at B1-60 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road. They will be open every day from 11am to 8:30pm (remember, from Thursday!).

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